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Chinese: 棋书 qíshū (Go book); 书 shū (book); 书本 shūběn (book)
Japanese: 囲碁の本 igo no hon; 棋書 kisho
Korean: 바둑책 baduk ch'aek


Although many Go books exist in English, the major are still written and published in Chinese, Japanese or Korean languages. This makes the majority of Go books somewhat inaccessible to the majority of English-speaking (i.e. Western) Go players. Nonetheless, there are a number of websites and articles aimed at informing Western readers of the books available to them. Among these are:

Author(s) Page/Section Title Notes Last Updated
AGA [ext] AGA Annotated Bibliography of Go Books in English Extensive list of English Go books. Cross-linked to reviews in the American Go E-Journal. 2018
BenGoZen [ext] Book Reviews List of book reviews from a kyu player's perspective. 2014
David Carlton [ext] Annotated Go Bibliographies Good English language bibliography and reviews on Go books. 2007
Didier Kropp [ext] Bibliographie du Go en français A link collection of books in French and other languages. 2008
EGCC. Henk Mourik?, Theo van Ees? dead link removed] Catalogue based on the bibliography started by Theo van Ees?, one of the authors of Bibliogo, in 1975. It contains titles of his large collection of go books in European languages. Titles are filed under author name and subject terms. Online catalogue is a result of cooperation between Henk Mourik (librarian of the Dutch Go Association) and the European Go Cultural Centre. 2014
Go Game Guru [ext] Recommended Go Books (Archived) Advice about which books to read at different levels, aimed at helping players improve quickly. 2017
Robert Jasiek [ext] Go (Weiqi, Baduk) ISBN Rating List "[G]ives ISBN and subjective ratings of Go books. It also denotes their general topics and major teaching methods and suggests when to read them." 2016
Sensei's Library Recommended Go Books Contains links to recommended first, intermediate and advanced Go books. 2013
Various [ext] Index to L19 Book Reviews Collection of 55+ book reviews by Life in 19x19 forum members from their Go Books and Go Books Reviews subforums. 2018
John Fairbairn John Fairbairn Links to many books in English N/A

The [ext] Dewey Decimal Classification DDC for Go books is 794.4.

The [ext] Universal Decimal Clasification UDC for Go books is 794.2 (this includes board games that are not dependent on chance other than Chess).

Each person develops a unique perspective on Go, including their experiences of and preferences about the game. Therefore, What is your favorite Go Book? and What is your least favorite Go Book?

Apart from books on playing Go there are also non-fiction, literature and other reference books. This includes [ext] Ritchie Press's, who is a prolific publisher of on how to become very strong.

See also: Coming Soon and Go Book Rumors.

Table of contents

Books That Cover the Entire Game

For Beginners



Not for Beginners

Obsolete Beginners' Books



Books That Cover Specific Topics

9x9 Go

Classic Texts

Culture and History




Game Commentaries

Handicap Go



Life & Death and Tesuji


Problems and Theory






Opening & Joseki

Books are sorted in their most fitting sections, but a few books contain also topics of other sections.

Opening Theory

Opening Dictionaries

Specific Openings

Opening Problems

Joseki Selection, Theory and Problems

Joseki Theory

Joseki Choice

Joseki Dictionaries

Joseki Selections

Specific Josekis

Joseki Problems

Selections of Openings and Josekis








See also: Dictionaries Page


Online Books

Links to other pages about books

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