Segoe Kensaku

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Chinese: 濑越宪作 (Liyu Xinzu)
Japanese: 瀬越憲作
Korean: 세고에 켄사쿠

Segoe Kensaku (瀬越憲作, 1889-1972) was a professional go player, first at Hoensha, Hiseikai, then in the Nihon Ki-in.[1] He achieved 8-dan in 1942 and honorary 9-dan later. He was the teacher of Go Seigen, Hashimoto Utaro and Cho Hun-hyeon. He helped publish more than 100 books in his lifetime, including Tesuji Dictionary and Go Proverbs Illustrated.

He became a professional at the age of 20, and was immediately promoted to 3 dan, on the basis of a 4-2 victory against Suzuki Tamejiro. Prior to this point, he had met some professionals, but never had a teacher (Fairbairn, The Go Consultants, p. 75).

Segoe was the official referee for the atomic bomb game.

Segoe commited suicide in 1972.

In 2009, Segoe was inducted into the Nihon Ki-in Hall of Fame.


Segoe's Pupils

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[1] Segoshi Kensaku (an alias for this page) is an alternate reading of Segoe Kensaku. It is considered incorrect by John Fairbairn. However, it appears in some Japanese and English sources.

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