Enclosure Josekis - The Book

Enclosure Josekis
("Uchikomi to Sono Kobo")
By: Takemiya Masaki
Publisher: Ishi Press, March 1983
207 pp.

An Ishi Press book by Takemiya Masaki on reducing and defending various corner enclosures along with extensions. Available in digital format or as reprints on Amazon. A good substitute may be Keshi and Uchikomi - Reduction and Invasion in Go by Iwamoto Kaoru.

Included in the Kiseido Digital Bookshelf.



David Carlton has a [ext] review by Corrin Lakeland of this book.

Charles Matthews There are chapters on each of the 3453 enclosure, 3463 enclosure, 3454 enclosure, 4-4 point enclosures, and a final chapter on miscellaneous invasions. The only really distinctive material is a little on the 3554 enclosure, in my opinion.

For the rest it's dullish - nothing especially Takemiya-like - in a joseki dictionary sort of way, with essentially no whole-board thinking. There could easily be much better treatments of these middlegame joseki.

Table of Contents

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Sample Material

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Similar Books

Bill: There is a book, Shimari no Joseki (Enclosure Josekis) by Okubo Ichigen, 9-dan, which is #14 in the Go Super Books series by the Nihon Kiin. I think it's also out of print, but who knows?

Charles First published 1971 - so I guess Bill is correct.

Bob McGuigan: There is a newer book in Japanese Shimari no Gihou (Shimari techniques) by Ishida Yoshio 9p, published in 2002 by Kawade Shobou Shinsha, ISBN 4-309-26570-7. It is in "dictionary" format.

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