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Currently 8k (or so) on OGS. I left KGS over 12 years ago...

I resumed playing about 6 weeks ago, and getting back into games and reviewing games

I last touched this page 16 years ago... after I remembered my password "War Eagle last edited by WarEagle on December 22, 2003 - 04:31"

Carpenter's Square

Carpenter Square

Just another go student.

I live in North Alabama, and would be interested in finding local players. Around 12k on KGS.

KathyS DieterVerhofstadt/FusekiExperiments

  • How to Play Against the Stronger Player, two volumes downloadable from the Wings Go Club

[ext] lessons

MiddleGame Analysis

TeachingGame44 TeachingGame53 TeachingGame66 TeachingGame67 TenKyuSideInvasion

Question about a Pro Book BQM5 BQM59



Pages of interest

[ext] https://www.reddit.com/search?q=subreddit%3Abaduk+author%3Am2u2+9x9+Endgame+Day&restrict_sr=&sort=new&t=all



Joseki Experiments

Bold Joseki Blunders


Handicap Go

Middle Game Reference


Servers & Community




Large Heading

Larger Heading

Largest Heading


Just thinking of the question from AnglePlayAfterDiagonalAttachment [1] Why is W5 bad? Please show an example.

Double hane White's Bad shape?  

In this diagram the marked white stone is the W5 referred to by the original question.

White's bad shape?  

yoyoma - I think B2 is bad. Black has declared outside influence to be important when he played the marked stone. Black should follow up by playing B2 at W5. Black has already decided he is willing to allow White to cut at a, in which case Black kills the white stones to the left and White gets a ponuki to the right.

Black continues to play for influence towards the center.  
White's bad shape? Black has 2 cutting points  
19x19 diagram  

Middle Game Analysis

See also [ext] David Carlton's review.

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