The Go Companion

The Go Companion
By: John Fairbairn, T. Mark Hall
Publisher: Slate and Shell, 2009
ISBN10 1-932001-43-3

This book is a collection of articles of miscellaneous go related subjects, some of them have been previously published in GoGoD's New in Go column, but have often been expanded, while others are published for the first time.


Herman: I highly recommend this book, I enjoyed it a lot. Some books are hard to put down, but for this book is I would rather say that it is easy to pick up. As it is a collection of many stories of various length, I would just browse it randomly until something caught my fancy, and something always did. Within a few weeks of buying it, I have now read every story in it. :-)

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Opening Novelties
  • Karigane Junichi: The Gentle Samurai
  • The Fighting Chinese Fuseki
  • The History of Komi
  • 45th Judan, Game 2
  • Gokyo Seimyo
  • The Other Chinese Classics
  • Take Me Out to the Go Game
  • Go Goes to Hollywood
  • Go Variants
  • Chang Hao Imports a New Move from Korea
  • The Korean Fuseki
  • The Power of Words
  • The Mystic Emperor: Go Seigen
  • Jowa vs. Chitoku
  • Wang Xi's Novel Strategies to Handle Orphan Groups
  • The First Professionals in Japan
  • Go in Wartime Japan
  • Opening Theory Simplified for Advanced Players
  • Korea's First World Champion
  • Sunjang Baduk Still Has Lessons for Today
  • Are the Joseki Books Wrong?
  • Celebration of Long Life
  • Shuei: The Master Teacher
  • Honinbo Sansa: Fibs, Frauds, and Falacies
  • World Amateur Go Championship 2006
  • Fingertip Go Making Steady Progress
  • The Astounding Bao Yun
  • Genji: A Tale Where Go Shines Through
  • Catalyst for Change
  • Sexy Sekis
  • Life and Death in Old Korea
  • Of Praise and Prefaces
  • Now for Something Completely Different

Sample Material

[ext] Sample pages - [ext] Archived Link

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