Go A Complete Introduction To The Game

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Go A Complete Introduction To The Game
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By: Cho Chikun
Publisher: Ishi Press, Kiseido?, September 1997 (Ishi Press), March 2002 (Kiseido)
ISBN10 4-906574-50-5
ISBN13 978-4-906574-50-6
135 (Ishi Press), 128 (Kiseido) pp.

The Magic of Go is a book by Cho Chikun, published by Ishi Press.
David Carlton's [ext] review of The Magic of Go

It has since been republished (with minor changes) by Kiseido under the name Go: A Complete Introduction to the Game.

[ext] There is an ebook version for the iPad.


David Carlton's [ext] review of Go - A Complete Introduction to the Game

Table of Contents

  • About the Author
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: Introducing the game
  • The Origins of Go
  • Chapter Two: Capturing Stones
  • Go Comes to Japan
  • Chapter Three: Eyes and Living Groups
  • The Devlopment of Go in Japan
  • Chapter Four: Ko
  • Professional Go in Japan
  • Chapter Five: Opening Strategy
  • Go in China
  • Go in Korea
  • International Tournaments
  • Chapter Six: Capturing Techniques
  • Go Around the World
  • Chapter Seven: Capturing Races
  • Go Equipment
  • Chapter Eight:Life and Death
  • Go and Intelligence
  • Chapter Nine:Linking up Stones
  • Rankings and Handicaps
  • Chapter Ten:Handicap Go
  • Go and Computers
  • Chapter Eleven: An Example Game
  • Continuing Your Study of Go
  • Go Books: Available from Kiseido

Sample Material

"The origins of go are concealed in the mute and unchronicled past of ancient China. There are a tangle of conflicting popular and scholarly anecdotes attributing its invention to two Chinese emperors, am imperial vassal, and count astrologers. One story has it that go was invented by the legendary Emperor Yao (ruled 2357-2256 B.C.) as an amusement for his idiot son. A second claims that the Emperor Shun (ruled 2255-05 B.C.) created the game in hopes of improving his weak-minded son's mental prowess. A third says that one Wu, a vassel of the Emperor Chih (ruled 1818-1766 B.C.), invented go as well as some card games. Finally, a fourth theory suggests that go was developed by court astrologers during the Chou Dynasty (1045-255 B.C.). In any event, it is generally agreed that go is at least 3,000 and might be as much as 4,000 years old, which makes it the world's oldest strategic board game." (The Origins of Go, pg. 8)

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