Kamakura The Book

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series: Go Seigen's 10 Game Matches by John Fairbairn
By: John Fairbairn
Publisher: Slate and Shell, 2009
ISBN10 1-932001-47-6

Go Seigen and Kitani Minoru played a ten game match in the Japanese city of Kamakura between 1939 and 1941. This book contains detailed game reviews and text covering the historical and cultural aspects of this famous match.



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Table of Contents


The Players

Kitani Minoru

Go Seigen

Prelude to the Match

Game 1: The one with the nosebleed

Game 2: The one with the new baby and the frightening move

Game 3: The one with Aesop's fable

Game 4: The one with the nightingales

Game 5: The one with the fragrant mats

Game 6: The one with the shaven head

Game 7: The one with the red ink

Game 8: The one with the sanrensei

Game 9: The one that was Kitani's masterpiece

Game 10 The one that ended the suffering


Appendix 1: Chronology in Japan/China and the Go world from Go's arrival in Japan

Appendix 2: Complete list of surviving games between Kitani and Go

Appendix 3: Technical notes


Sample Material

[ext] Sample pages

Update (February 2022): This book has been revised into Go Wisdom format and re-issued in an on-demand version on Amazon. Most results of Google searches will therefore now be wrong or out of date. The latest version can be found on [ext] https://www.amazon.com/Kamakura-ten-game-between-Seigen-Kitani/dp/B09SDCQ98N or other Amazon outlets.

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