Golden Opportunities

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Golden Opportunities
("勝局へのチャンス Shokyoku e no chansu")
By: Rin Kaiho
Translator: John Fairbairn
Publisher: Yutopian, 1996
ISBN10 1-889554-00-6
308 pp.

Yutopian book, published 1996. Translated by John Fairbairn from a Japanese original by Rin Kaiho. A discursive book based around tesuji problems.



David Carlton's [ext] review

BlueWyvern - I just got a copy of this book, and it may very well end up my favorite go book of all time. The approach of the book is fairly unique, and it makes for quite an entertaining read. The book is basically about tesuji's of all sorts in the context of golden opportunites to turn around a game or to take a decisive lead. The examples are compelling for two reasons. One, a good many of them are taken from amateur games, in contrast to a lot of books I have read where the examples are mostly pro games. The second is that Rin draws parallels to his examples from the most astonishing array of historical and fictional sources, ranging from Napolean's invasion of Russia, to Pulitzer's election, to the invention of non-button men's underwear.

While it's too early to tell because I just bought the book, it feels helpful, and on top of that is an interesting read. There is a historical appendix that explains references to things like the Meiji restoration shinsengum, and Zenigata Heiji, the Japanese Sherlock Holmes. I'd suggest this book to any go player just for the sheer enjoyability of the read.

ZenGarden I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants a thought-provoking series of intelligently explained tesuji problems. Ideal for commuting journeys to the office. If you go through the problems and really analyse the solutions suggested, they create patterns you won't forget and will be able to apply in future games. An excellent book all round!

Table of Contents

Part 1 Finessing to bring about golden opportunities

opportunities are sure to appear
logic and intuition
the order in which to seize your opportunities
good and bad potential
applications of basic tactics
cutting knight's moves and turning inside
bad shape and overconcentration
tricks to seize sente
the basic rule of life and death
white's point of view
sacrifice-stone tactics
assessment of prospects and meltdown moves
sente endgame plays

Part 2 Golden opportunities in local fighting

(the battle of Leuctra)
the advantage of the oblique-order formation
excellent collaborators
Zenigata Heiji's casebook
"Jitte" truncheon and arresting rope techniques
(Bismarck's diplomacy)
measures to adapt to circumstances
the triumph of an idea
(American newspaper magnate)
individual visits
goddess of liberty
(Takasugi Shinsaku)
smashing through the barrier station (pt 1)
smashing through the barrier station (pt 2)
(the second Choshu Expedition)
the Satsuma-Choshu alliance
regular and irregular troops
leg attacks in kick boxing
(Kinokuniya Bunzaemon)
Mandarin boats
promotion of men of talent
Yoshimune, child of fortune

Part 3 Golden Opportunities to win the game

A man needs courage
(Ueno Temple)
a single notice
(The Komaki-Magakute campaign)
Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokogawa Ieyasu
air pockets
(The Louisiana purchase)
virgin land
(The third Enghish-Dutch naval war)
the glory of the Orange family
(Napolean's expedition)
Russia in winter
Loyalty to the sovereign or fillial piety
(Davy Crockett)
election confirmed
(The secret of investing in stocks and shares)
salting away
(Uesugi Kenshin and Takeda Shingen)
the battle of Kawananakajima
a knoll in a foreign land
(The crossroads of destiny)
shogunate minister or Choshu retainer
(The Battle of Red Cliff Mountain)
the interlocking stratagem

Sample Material

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