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Part 3 of the series: Elementary Go Series
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By: James Davies
Publisher: Ishi Press, Kiseido?, April 1975 (Kiseido)
ISBN10 4-906574-12-2
ISBN13 978-4-906574-12-4
198 pp.

Tesuji is volume 3 in the Elementary Go Series published by Ishi Press (and republished now by Kiseido). This one is by James Davies, the author of Life and Death (which is volume 4).

Tesuji consists of 16 chapters, each focused on a particular goal and the tesuji that may be used to achieve that goal. After each tesuji is introduced with examples, a couple of problems using that method are presented. At the end of each chapter, there are about one dozen problems using the methods from the chapter. The book contains a total of 264 problems.



Scartol: I read this book after about five months of play, and while I only understood about 1/3 of it, I found the patterns from the book showing up in my games immediately. What's more, I realized that sequences that I had been playing had names and I learned how to better use them.

Naustin--I like this book. I intend to spend more effort studying it but I feel it is helping me to fill in an essential aspect of my game that has been lacking. It's like a tool kit for dealing with a whole range of specific situations in a creative manner to derive an advantage. It seems to be helping me in making sense of local situations better where before I basically was frustrated and bewildered by the possibilities that seemed to emanate from every stone.

May be too complicated for twenty something kyu's but at about the 10k range it seems to be very helpful. It's better than just working problems randomly because it presents the general form of a tesuji and then lets you works out a lot of specific and varying examples so you get used to applying one idea in a variety of ways and in conjunction with other techniques.

Table of Contents

  1. Reading
  2. Capture the Cutting Stones
  3. Amputate the Cutting Stones
  4. Ko
  5. When Liberties Count
  6. Linking Groups Together
  7. Cutting Groups Apart
  8. Into Enemy Territory
  9. Escape
  10. Sacrifice to Gain Tempo
  11. Tesuji for Attack
  12. How to Connect
  13. Making Shape
  14. Ignore the Atari
  15. Double-Threat Tesuji
  16. Challenge Problems

Sample Problems

to be added

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