Get Strong at Invading

Get Strong at Invading
Part 5 of the series: Get Strong at ...
By: Richard Bozulich
Publisher: Kiseido, May 1995
ISBN10 4-906574-055-3
ISBN13 978-4-906574-55-1 (2nd printing January 2010)
150 pp.

Get Strong at Invading is volume 5 of the Get Strong at Go Series by Richard Bozulich published by Kiseido.

The book contains 171 problems assigned to three parts: Invasions on the Side; Invading Corner Enclosures; and Invading Large Territories. The problems are framed by one side of the board in the first two parts and the entire board in the last part. You have to take into account the positions of stones not directly involved in the local fighting.

Problems build on each other in a logical progression. The solution to the first problem on the first page (Black to play) shows one variation for both players. The first problem on the second page requires Black to respond to a different move by White. Over the course of 8 problems the sequences that begin with Black playing on the third line in the center between two White stones three lines apart on the third line are explored in detail. This is the format for problems in the first two sections of the book. Problems in the third section are all stand-alone problems.

Problems in the first two sections are supposed to accessible to 20-kyu players. The last section contains more difficult problems. At 13-kyu on KGS, I find the problems difficult, so the ratings stated in the preface may be incorrect.

The answer to problem 107 is discussed at 4464 enclosure 33 invasion.

( PeterHB: Mine is ISBN10 4-87187-055-3 )


David Carlton has a [ext] review of this book.

BramGo: To 5k players: I've also tried some problems of it. (I'm a 5k KGS player) The problems start very easy and build up very fast to a high level. Mostly, when I try solving the problems I have a slightly different answer. When I search for professional game-situations, they bring up another answer. I asked some stronger players to solve some of them, mostly they bring up yet other answers. The answers provided in the book are quite good, but sometimes I have the feeling other moves are possible as well. Still, I like some of their answers very much. Solving the problems gives you a basic approach to handle about many possible invasions. It makes fighting easier. It's a very useful book indeed! I like the book. It's a nice way of studying, explanations are a bit short sometimes and right to the point. At the same time I'm reading " The Middle Game of Go - by Sakata Eio". This book is harder, explaining more and going thru a lot of variations. It's nice to combine the 2 books. (But I wouldn't recommend The Middle Game of Go to a 10k player. Even for a 5k the concepts and variations in this book are sometimes very hard.)

Table of Contents

Part 1: Invasions on the Side (1)
Part 2: Invading Corner Enclosures (49)
Part 3: Invading Large Territories (105)

Sample Problems

to be added

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