Go - More Than a Game

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Go - More than a Game
By: Peter Shotwell
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing, 2003
ISBN10 0-8048-3475-X
ISBN13 978-0-8048-3475-9
188 pp.

An introduction to the game that includes a lot more about the culture of Go than most beginner books. Marks the re-entry of Tuttle into the go publishing ranks.



Will: I love the section on go history, I've been looking for a book that would do a good job covering this.

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • How to Use This Book
  • Introduction
  • Part One: Go Basics
    • 1. "Go Is to Life As Life Is to Go" -- The Capturing Game
    • 2. Go Is a Game Between Living Groups
    • 3. A Preview and A Review: Live and Dead Shapes
    • 4. Go Is a Game of Territory (and Potential Territory)
    • 5. Handicap Go -- The Great Equalizer
  • Part Two: Beginning Play
    • 6. The Harmony and Balance of a Mental Martial Art
    • 7. Two Professional 9x9 Games
  • Part Three: Intermediate Play
    • 8. The Stones Talk to Each Other
    • 9. The First 13x13 Game
    • 10. Making Good Shape
    • 11. The Second 13x13 Game
  • Part Four: Advanced Play
    • 12. Direction of Play
    • 13. Go on the Big Board -- A 19x19 Game
    • 14. Some Fusekis and Josekis
    • 15. A Second Look at Some of the Games
  • Part Five: Further Explorations in Go
    • 16. The History of Go
    • 17. Go and Western Science
    • 18. Go, Business, and the Thirty-Six Strategies of the Dark Side of Taoism
  • Where to Go from Here: Go Resources and Equipment
  • Glossary
  • Notes
  • Permissions
  • Index

Sample Material

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