Life and Death - Intermediate Level Problems

Life and Death: Intermediate Level Problems
("Maeda Tsumego 前田中級詰碁")
By: Maeda Nobuaki
Publisher: Slate and Shell, 2000
ISBN10 0-9706193-8-3
138 pp.

Life and Death: Intermediate Level Problems by Maeda Nobuaki 9 Dan, is a pocket sized book containing 110 life and death problems selected from Maeda's three volume set Maeda Tsumego. The problems are presented in groups of ten. Within each group the problems increase in difficulty from roughly 7 kyu to 2 dan. Therefore, all problems ending in the numeral '1' are the easiest; all those ending in the numeral '0' are the hardest.

The problems were originally published in the Nihon Kiin's English language magazine Go Review between 1961 and 1977.

Two problems are presented on each odd-numbered (right hand) page with the solutions on the overleaf.

Note: solutions to problems in this book may be ko.

The book contains some errata


David Carlton's [ext] review

Table of Contents

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Sample Material

[ext] Sample pages

Problem 1: White to live  
Problem 2: White to kill  
Problem 109: White to kill  
Problem 110: Black to kill  

Velobici: Problem 41 is one that I do not understand at all! Please note that the problems occur in sets of 10 (numbered from xx1 to xx0), with the first problem in each set of ten being the easist and the last being the hardest. The problem numbered xx1 are the easiest in the book, followed by those numbered xx2, etc. Therefore problem 41 is among the easist. The solution is B1.

Why not run to the right?
How does B1 help?
Does White just push in with a and b?

Problem 41: Black to live.  
Problem 41: Black to live.  

unkx80: If this is the problem, then it makes perfect sense. Then there is only one solution.

Velobici: Agreed. Must be a misprint in the book. I'll add this to the errata page.

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