Yi Cheng


Path to Go
("Yi Cheng (弈程)")
By: Zhang Yabo, Shi Xiangxia
Translator: Ruoshi Sun

ISBN10 1530734681
ISBN13 978-1530734689
196 pp.

The book consists of three parts. The first part contains 36 games from seven-stone handicap games to even games. The second part is a short chapter on the author's understandings of go. The third part is the "Eighteen Games Commentated by Shi Xiangxia," an invaluable work by one of the greatest masters in ancient China that provides in-depth analysis of top-level games during Shi's time.


The book was translated into English by Ruoshi Sun in 2016 under the title Path to Go. It is available on [ext] Patreon (PDF) and [ext] Amazon (paperback). Sample pages can be viewed on Amazon.

Cover Image

The cover image shows the self-commentated game of Shi Xiangxia (White) played against Liang Weijin (Black).

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Seven-Stone Handicap Games (Total 3 Games)
  • Six-Stone Handicap Games (Total 4 Games)
  • Five-Stone Handicap Games (Total 12 Games)
  • Four-Stone Handicap Games (Total 4 Games)
  • Three-Stone Handicap Games (Total 5 Games)
  • Two-Stone Handicap Games (Total 4 Games)
  • Even Games (Total 4 Games)
  • Understandings (Total 10 Positions)
  • Eighteen Games Commentated by Shi Xiangxia


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