Gokyo Seimyo

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Chinese: 棋经精妙 (qí jīng jīng miào)
Japanese: 碁經精妙
Korean: 기경정묘

Gokyo Seimyo (碁經精妙 Gokyō Seimyō, Best of the Go Classics) is a classic, 4-volume series written by Hayashi Genbi in 1835. He intended it as a sequel to Gokyo Shumyo.

  • Vol. 1 - 197 joseki diagrams
  • Vol. 2 - 48 invasion diagrams and 104 endgame diagrams
  • Vol. 3 - 143 problems including 44 titled "tesuji inside territories" (界中生手)
  • Vol. 4 - 21 Chinese games of famous Qing dynasty players (and one game between Japanese and Ryukyuan players)

The original volumes may be viewed online at [ext] Waseda University.

1906 edition may be viewed at the Japanese National Diet Library [ext] here.

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