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An alternative SL sub-page gives the same terms but with the index based on English rather than on Chinese: /English to Chinese.

Terms marked with an asterisk (*) have meanings that are not specific to Go.















  • 内气 (內氣) nèi qì - liberties surrounded exclusively by one player's stones
  • 逆官子 nì guān zǐ - reverse endgame move
  • 逆先 nì xiān - reverse sente
  • 逆先手 nì xiān shǒu - reverse sente
  • 逆转 (逆轉) nì zhuǎn - overturn game
  • 粘 nián - connect*
  • 凝形 níng xíng - overconcentrated shape
  • 扭断 (扭斷) niǔ duàn - crosscut
  • 扭十字 niǔ shí zì - crosscut
  • 扭十字长一方 (扭十字長一方) niǔshz chng yīfāng - extend in a crosscut
  • 扭羊头 (扭羊頭) niǔ yáng tóu - ladder










  • 枣 (zǎo) - jujube (Chinese Date Wood)*
  • 扎钉 (扎釘) zhá dīng - iron pillar*
  • 胀牯牛 (脹牯牛) zhàng gǔ niú - oshitsubushi (bloated bullock)
  • 胀死牛 (脹死牛) zhàng sǐ niú - oshitsubushi (bloated dead cow)
  • 着 (著) zhāo - move
  • 真眼 zhēn yǎn - real eye
  • 镇 (鎮) zhèn - capping play
  • 镇神头 (鎮神頭) zhèn shén tóu - dual ladder breaker
  • 镇头 (鎮頭) zhèn tóu - capping play
  • 证 , 证书 ; zhng, zhngshū - (Dan grade?) certificate, rank diploma
  • 征 zhēng - ladder
  • 争棋 (爭棋) zhēng qí - official challenge match
  • 征子 zhēng zǐ - ladder
  • 征子劫 zhēng zǐ jié - ladder ko
  • 整体 (整體) zhěng tǐ - chain
  • 整型 zhěng xíng - settle
  • 正解 zhèng jiě - solution*
  • 正确 (正確) zhèng què - correct*
  • 证书 (證書) zhèng shū - certificate*
  • 正着 (正著) zhèng zhāo - proper move
  • 指导棋 (指導棋) zhí dǎo qí - teaching game
  • 直二 zhí èr - straight two
  • 直三 zhí sān - straight three
  • 直四 zhí sì - straight four
  • 职业 (職業) zhí yè - professional*
  • 只此一手 zhǐ cǐ yī shǒu - only move
  • 治孤 zhì gū - managing isolated weak group
  • 中 zhōng - center*
  • 钟 (鐘) zhōng - clock*
  • 中腹 zhōng fù - center*
  • 中国流 (中國流) zhōngguóli - chinese opening
  • 中级 (中級) zhōng jí - intermediate level*
  • 终局 (終局) zhōng j - end of game
  • 中盘 (中盤) zhōng pán - middle game
  • 终盘 (終盤) zhōng pán - endgame
  • 中心 zhōng xīn - center*
  • 中央 zhōng yāng - center*
  • 中原 zhōng yuán - center*
  • 重 zhòng - heavy*
  • 主动 (主動) zhǔdng - (to take the) initiative*
  • 专业 (專業) zhuān yè - professional*
  • 转换 (轉換) zhuǎn huàn - exchange*
  • 装倒扑 (裝倒撲) zhuāng dào pū - a move that threatens a snapback
  • 装劫 (裝劫) zhuāng jié - a move that threatens a ko
  • 撞气 (撞氣) zhuàng qì - reduce self liberties
  • 追 zhuī - chase*
  • 追捕 zhuī bǔ - chase*
  • 子 zǐ - stone; unit in chinese counting
  • 自然流 zì rán liú - natural style
  • 自杀 (自殺) zì shā - suicide*
  • 左 zuǒ - left*
  • 左右同形 zuǒ yòu tóng xíng - symmetrical position
  • 做活 zuò huó - make life
  • 做劫 zuò jié - create ko
  • 作战 zuzhn - combat*
  • 做棋 zu q - phase for counting ('arranging stones')

Further information

About Hanyu Pinyin

The romanization given in this Chinese Go Terms list is in Hanyu Pinyin. If the simplified characters and the traditional characters for a Chinese term are different, then the traditional characters will be listed in parentheses. If you have a Chinese term in characters, do not read Chinese, and want to find its meaning, copy the characters and paste them into the window at the website [2] and you will get the pinyin version which you can look up in the list below.

When you encounter two characters with the same Hanyu Pinyin romanization, it is possible that they represent different Chinese characters with the same pronunciation.

There are four main tones in Hanyu Pinyin (yīng, yáng, shǎng, ), as well as a light tone. The light tone has no diacritical tone marks. Due to the difficulty in entering the diacritical tone marks in computers, it is common to see the them replaced by numbers in the form yin1, yang2, shang3 and qu4. Also, ü is often entered as v or uu for the same reason.

See also

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    • /Chinese Go Terms Sources Including some discussion
    • /Translation Requests Put anything you do not understand here, and with a bit of luck one of our experts will translate or explain it
    • /Discussion About how to organise this page, also miscellaneous queries including the odd translation request


[1] Source for translations:

e.g. 计算 jsun = to count / to calculate / to compute (traditional: 計算)

[2] [ext] Fantizi to jiantizi converter: this is also a character-to-pinyin converter, move the mouse over any Chinese word to see the reading and definition.

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