Get Strong at Tesuji

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Get Strong at Tesuji
Part 6 of the series: Get Strong at Go Series
By: Richard Bozulich
Publisher: Kiseido, September 1996
ISBN10 4-906574-56-4
180 pp.

Table of contents Table of diagrams
Problem 1, 1 star
Problem 100, 2 stars
Problem 201, 3 stars
Problem 301, 2 stars
Problem 402, 3 stars
Problem 496, 4 stars

Get Strong at Tesuji is volume 6 of the Get Strong at Go series published by Kiseido. The book is compiled by Richard Bozulich from a Nihon Ki-in book Tesuji Kyoka Sho.

While the book covers a goodly number of different tesuji, particular emphasis is placed on double shortage of liberties, snapback, forcing moves, twirl and two stone edge squeeze.

The book contains 534 problems, the right-hand pages (odd page numbers) contain 6 problems. The answers for those 6 problems are on the following page (the left-hand pages, the even page numbers). Each problem is rated for difficulty at one of four levels varying from 25- to 1-kyu up to a few dan level problems. The book is well suited to quick work...drilling pattern recognition skills rather than reading to depth. All problems are framed by a single corner of the board; the problems are local/tactical in nature.

The preface to the book recommends spending about 10 seconds on each problem, solve all the problems on a page and move on to the answers. Only one answer, consisting of a single diagram, is provided to each problem. Answers are generally 3 or 5 moves. A number of the solutions include the proper necessary response and a preceding valuable forcing move. This is one of the few books in English to have a focus on timing at this skill level.

There are times for people of various grades completing this book at the Problem Book Grades page.




Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Some Important Terms and Concepts
  • Tesuji Problems

Sample Problems

Problem 1, 1 star  

How should Black play in this position?

Problem 100, 2 stars  

Black to rescue his four stones on the right.

Problem 201, 3 stars  

How does Black make good shape in the center?

Problem 301, 2 stars  

Black to make his stones in the corner invulnerable to attack.

Problem 402, 3 stars  

How should Black settle his stones in the corner?

Problem 496, 4 stars  

Black to rescue this three stones on the right.


I plan to read the book three times. The first time solving only the easiest problems (one-star rating). Then returning to the beginning and tackling both the one-star and two-star problems. Finally, going back to the start and doing all the problems. velobici

Ok, I am still getting used to editing pages, so if I make errors, please correct them :) Question about this book: I got it, and can do most 2 star questions, and the book says that 2 stars is in the 10-5k level.. Is this true? I am 20k in KGS, and am not so sure the book is correct. Did they just put those level estimations in there for fun? Kamtre

I am not sure.i am a KGS 9k and an AGA 3k,so i think the book may be right.I really don't know though... griffin

It is not enough to be able to solve the problems, you must be able to solve them quickly and consistently. Given 3-5 minutes I generally can solve all the Dan level questions (I'm about 5k) but in actual games I wouldn't even try reading to the same depth. For in real games you must evaluate such problems in case they happen, not after the event.

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