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Two volume fuseki dictionary published by the Nihon Ki-in. There are two editions:

1975 edition edited by Rin Kaiho, most of which has been translated into English as Dictionary Of Basic Fuseki.
2008 edition edited by Yoda Norimoto. Nihon Ki-in pages: [ext] volume 1, [ext] volume 2.

Suitable for Dan level readers, it is different from Cho Hoon Hyun's five book series on fuseki, in that it does not cover the more basic knowledge beginners will want to know. It approaches the subject by dividing fuseki according to first moves, and does not cover some popular contemporary openings like the Mini Chinese formation, the Kobayashi formation, and the New Kobayashi formation. The 2008 edition has information on these newer patterns. As the 1975 version is more than 30 years old, the reader should be aware that it is not a reliable guide to up-to-date fuseki practice. For some, the book is a classic.

This book can be read profitably to learn how to think about many opening patterns.

The original Japanese version, (著者 林海峰著, 書名 【基本布石事典】(上巻、下巻), 出版社 日本棋院刊, 発行日 1975年12月1日, 価格 上下合計3800円) was published during 1975 as part of a Nihon Ki-in Go dictionary series. Second revision was published during 1996, to update the content.

A Chinese version also exists.

Review of 1975 Edition

This book is rated very highly in Robert Jasiek's [ext] reviews for both rank improvement and topic coverage.

Table of Contents of 1975 Edition

Volume 1

Title: 基本布石事典〈上巻〉星の部 (Star Point Section)
524p 19cm(B6)
日本棋院 (1996-04-10出版)
林 海峰【著】堀田 護【編】
[B6 判] NDC分類:795 販売価:\2,200(税別)
Contents 内容
第1部 二連星,三連星 (Two Star Point and Three Star Point)
第2部 タスキ型 (Diagonal Patterns)
第3部 星,小目 (4-4 and 3-4)
第4部 中国流 (Chinese Style)
第5部 特殊戦法 (Special Tactics: Tengen, side, unusual corner)

Volume 2

Title: 基本布石事典〈下巻〉小目の部 (Komoku Section)
521p 19cm(B6)
日本棋院 (1996-04-10出版)
林 海峰【著】堀田 護【編】
[B6 判] NDC分類:795 販売価:\2,200(税別)
Contents 内容
第1部 秀策流 (Shusaku style)
第2部 シマリ、タスキ型 (Corner enclosure and Diagonal Patterns)
第3部 平行型 (Parallel Openings)
第4部 向かい小目、その他 (Mukai Komoku and others)
第5部 目外し、高目、三々 (5-3 point, 5-4 point, 3-3 point)

Sample Material

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