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Shape Up! is an online go book on good shape written by Charles Matthews and Kim Seong-June, a strong Korean amateur (who is not the 8 dan pro Kim Seung-chun who happens to have the same name).

The complete book is now posted on [ext] Gobase (a GoBase account is required to access the PDF files).

The book can be obtained from these 3 authorized sources also:[1]

Table of Contents

 Introduction: The Scope of Shape 			1
Part One: Principles of Development
 Chapter 1: Table Shapes 				11
 Chapter 2: Shape Basics 				18
 Chapter 3: Close Range Play 1 				33
Part Two: Principles of Engagement
 Chapter 4: Starting From Hane 				53
 Chapter 5: Close Range Play 2 				64
 Chapter 6: Blocking Off 				72
 Problem Set 1: Creating Good Shape 			81
Part Three: Practical Fighting
 Chapter 7: Eight Faces of Cutting 			103
 Chapter 8: Attach-Extend Mysteries 			114
 Chapter 9: Escapology 					121
 Problem Set 2: Cutting Points 				129
Part Four: Vital Points and Shape in the Opening
 Chapter 10: Extensions and Invasion Points 		151
 Chapter 11: Cramp 					160
 Chapter 12: Outnumbered 				169
Part Five: Theory
 Chapter 13: Theory Applying to Effective Play 		177
 Chapter 14: Haengma 					184
 Chapter 15: Sabaki 					192
 Problem Set 3: Advanced 				205
 Index of Shapes 					211
 Index of Terms 					215
 List of Proverbs 					216

--The names should be written Kim Seong-joon and Kim Seung-joon. The difference is only the first syllable of the first name. Kim Seung-joon became 9 Dan in 2005--

[1] [ext]

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