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Here is a listing of writings that make references to Go, such as books and papers. It does not include books about Go playing techniques.


[ext] The Martial Art of Strategy: Russian Style: Nine Elegant Solutions Igor Grishin and Mikhail Emelyanov. Les Waller International, LLC. LWI-CIO Press: 2014. 192 pages. ISBN: 0989809404.
There are nine elegant solutions for getting out of the most difficult situations people can find themselves in their lives and businesses. The world of business is constantly changing. This ancient tradition of the art of strategy is successfully used by such giants of world business as Microsoft, Japan Airlines, LG, Samsung, Toyota Motors, Citigroup, and Acer as well as by the governments of South Korea, Japan and China. Examples of this art in practice can be found in Russia as well. In the USA, military and political leaders are advised to acquaint themselves with go by Pentagon experts.
"Wise reading for policymakers, executives, entrepreneurs anyone who seeks to survive and thrive in the crucible that is competition." --Kirkus Reviews


The Strangest Man. The Hidden Life of Paul Dirac Quantum Genius. Graham Farmelo. Faber and Faber 2009 ISBN 978-0-571-22278-0. Chapter 19 1934-35 Page 256: During the ritual of afternoon tea, he fruitlessly searched for a way that a king could pass eight opposing pawns and got thrashed by his colleagues in their favourite game, Wei Chi (also known as Go), which he had introduced into Fine Hall {Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton} a few years before.{note 31: Letter from Dirac to Max Newman, 17 March 1935, Newman archive St John}. Chapter 29 1982-2002. Page 411. Weak and dispirited, he spent the summer recuperating at home, watching television and playing Wei Chi and other board games but unable to do serious work.


Science, Strategy and War. The strategic theory of John Boyd. Frans P.B. Osinga. Routledge Press: London, 2007. Pages concerning influence/shih start on page 37.


The Philosophy of Chinese Military Culture. Shih vs. Li by William H Mott and Jae Chang Kim [ext] Macmillian: New York, 2006. ISBN 1-4039-7187-0
A review: "Written from within the Asian strategic perspective, General Kim’s book provides the first examination of 'Shi' or 'strategic power,' a concept that proved vital in historical battles and remains crucial to the PRC’s quest to formulate contemporary military science with unique Chinese characteristics."--Ralph D. Sawyer, author of Seven Military Classics of Ancient China." -The portion covering go starts on page 32. --Rocky Farr
Sawyer, Ralph D. CHINESE STRATEGIC POWER: MYTHS, INTENT, AND PROJECTIONS."Journal of Military and Strategic Studies," Winter 2006/07, Vol. 9, Issue 2.© Centre for Military and Strategic Studies, Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute, 2007.[ext]''
[ext] Thomas, Timothy L. Human Network Attacks
[ext] Comparing Baduk and Chess A short article from the Korean Times comparing Baduk and Chess.
[ext] Chinese Play a Different Game A short article from [ext] The New America Foundation regarding a possible Chinese approach to war with the United States.
Dr. Chong-Pin Lin. President, Foundation on International and Cross-strait Studies Professor, Graduate Institute of International affairs and Strategic Studies, Tamkang University. CHINA’S CROSS-STRAIT GO GAME Taiwan Juggles Democracy and National Security.2005 Pacific Symposium US National Defense University. [ext]
[ext] Learning from the Stones: A Go Approach to Mastering China's Strategic Concept, Shi, Dr. David Lai.
Johnson-Freese, Joan. Space Wei Qi: the launch of Shenzhou V. "Naval War Coillege Review," Spring 2004.[ext]
Isaacson, Frederick; Chung,Jensen. The Bush vs. Gore rhetoric after the 2000 electoral impasse:A Ch'i-Shih analysis."Studies in Media & Information Literacy Education,"Volume 4,Issue 2(May 2004). [ext]
Go. The game to beat all games. The most intellectually testing game ever devised? [ext] The Economist. Dec 16th 2004.
Lai, David; Hamby, Gary W. East meets West: An ancient game sheds new light on US-Asian strategic relations. "The Korean Journal of Defense Analysis," Vol. XIV, No. 1, Spring 2003.
Reeve, John. Royal Australian Navy Sea Power Centre Working Paper No.4 THE DEVELOPMENT OF NAVAL STRATEGY IN THE ASIA-PACIFIC REGION 1500-2000. [ext]
[ext] The Go Club - Getting lost in the game by Queena Sook Kim (March 12 - 18) LA Weekly
[ext] In the Beginning was the Command Line by Neal Stephenson, minor reference to Go, comparing the marketing strategies of Microsoft and Be.
[ext] Capen,Lieutenant Commander George S.,USN. Wei-Chi: The Game of War
Waldron, Arthur. The Art of Shi. A review of "Cultural realism: Strategic culture and grand strategy in Chinese history" by Alastair Iain Johnston. "The New Republic," June 22, 1997.
At Twilight in the Country Memoirs of a Canadian Nationalist by Mel Hurtig
Go, An Asian Paradigm for Business Strategy by Miura Yasuyuki.
Simplicity and Complexity in Games of the Intellect by Lawrence B. Slobodkin. 7 pages lauding the game, including a description of how to play.
Petit Traité Invitant à la Découverte de l'Art Subtil du Go ("Short essay inviting discovery of the subtle art of Go") by Georges Perec
The Protracted Game A Wei-Ch'i Interpretation of Maoist Revolutionary Strategy by Scott Boorman
Citizen 13660, Miné Okubo's memoir of life in a US internment camp during WWII
Lao Tse: no reference, but has philosophy applicable to Go.

See also Fiction and GeoStrategic Lessons From Go

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