Le Go Cosmique

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Le Go Cosmique / Cosmic Go

Cosmic Go
("Takemya Masaki no uchuryu no gokui")
By: Takemiya Masaki
Translator: Malcolm Schonfield
ISBN10 3-940563-93-5

Le Go Cosmique
("Takemya Masaki no uchuryu no gokui")
By: Takemiya Masaki
Translator: Miyakawa Wataru
ISBN10 291145202X

Le Go Cosmique
("Takemya Masaki no uchuryu no gokui")
By: Takemiya Masaki
Translator: Miyakawa Wataru
ISBN10 978-3-940563-84-2

The translation into English was based on the French translation.


Review by Miyakawa Wataru

Takemiya Masaki’s 'Cosmic Go' is undoubtedly the best go book I have ever read. I constantly come back to this book, and with each reading I become more convinced of the need to make it available in other languages than Japanese. Indeed, this book gives me a joy I would like to share with as many go players as possible. I am sure it will help you discover not only a new approach to the game, but also a new universe of go: one of philosophy and poetry.

Comments by Malcolm Schonfield

I translated this book into English (from the French translation by Wataru Miyakawa many many years ago. After all this time my translation has finally been published! I had completely given up all hope of that ever happening…

This book is quite unlike most other Go books; I believe it is still relevant in the modern age of AI Go. I hope it will inspire players to think for themselves and play with their heart, as sensei Takemiya puts it. To play moves they believe in; to play moves that they find beautiful.

It was great working with Gunnar Dickfeld on this project; thank you Gunnar.

Cover art by Camille Lévêque.

(This is copied from a post on Facebook from June 2022)

Review in ffg.JeuDeGo?.org

This work is to be the first in a new series of books translated directly from Japanese to French. Takemiya is known for his unique style, called the cosmic style, focusing on the center and large moyos. He presents several of his matches where he played extraordinary (as in: out of the ordinary) games that have founded his reputation, and proposes some problems (fuseki and beginning of chuban) also taken from his own matches. Written in a vivid style, full of sincerity and 'asian modesty', Takeyima gives as advice to the reader to 'play with his heart', to let himself be guided by intuition and not by reflection... which is perhaps a good idea for a professional. Because of its (relatively) moderate technicality, one can say that the book is accessible to players at 10 kyu, but will those players retain anything from reading it? It's advisable nevertheless, if only to tempt the reader into seeing the vision of the game of one of the best professionals today, with a style unique to the world.

(This is a translation from a [ext] review in French)

Published editions

A reprint is available at [ext] http://www.boardnstones.com/09-All_Titles-84-BSV84.php by BOARD N'STONES

English edition available at [ext] http://www.boardnstones.com/09-All_Titles-93-BSV93.php by BOARD N'STONES


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