Sanzi Pu

Three-Stone Games
("Sanzi Pu")
By: Guo Bailing
Translator: Ruoshi Sun

ISBN10 1494809559
ISBN13 978-1494809553
146 pp.

Sanzi Pu (三子譜) is written by Guo Bailing (過百齡, c. 1587 - c. 1662, titled daguoshou) and published posthumously in 1725. Guo also authored Guanzi Pu (官子譜) and Sizi Pu (四子譜), the latter of which has been translated into English under the title Four-Stone Games.

Sanzi Pu contains hundreds of diagrams from Guo's research on three-stone handicap games and 5 game records. It was customary to place the three stones at star points along the diagonal of the board, i.e. two diagonal hoshis plus tengen. Many of the variations contain dozens of moves (occasionally more than 100), as a result of quarter-board or even half-board fights. Particular emphasis is placed on the coordination of the tengen stone.

The book has been translated by Ruoshi Sun in 2014 into English under the title Three-Stone Games. It is available on [ext] CreateSpace (link not working) and [ext] Amazon. Sample pages can be viewed on Amazon.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword (by Ruoshi Sun)
  • Preface to Three-Stone Handicap Games (by Cheng Guangzhu 程光珠)
  • Preface to Three-Stone Handicap Games (by Wu Xinju 巫信車)
  • Foreword to Three-Stone Handicap Games (by Cheng Zhengkui 程正揆)
  • History of Three-Stone Games
  • Big Corner Diagram (大角圖, 44 variations)
  • Big Pressure Beam (大壓樑, 50 variations)
  • Resupinate Lily (倒垂蓮, 60 variations)
  • Large-Knight Corner Approach (50 variations)
  • Three-Stone Games (5 games)

All diagrams begin with the three-stone handicap placement shown in the book cover. Note that in this orientation the bottom-right corner is occupied by Black instead of being vacant, since this predates the popularization of Japanese etiquette. The book may be the oldest known study on the tengen sanrensei opening (in a handicap setting).

Historical Comments

  • "This book teaches the way of taking three-stone handicap. It contains exhaustive variations with profound and subtle principles regarding the use of the center stone to suppress White and make influence." -- Cheng Zhengkui in Foreword to Three-Stone Handicap Games


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