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In Japanese Kiseido is written 棋聖堂.

Kiseido Digital is a unit of Kiseido providing go materials on DVD and for download, including Go World Archive ([ext] DVD, [ext] download), and Kiseido Digital Bookshelf, legacy print titles in digital form.

Many Kiseido books are available digitally from [ext] SmartGo Books.


K01 Invincible -- The Games of Shusaku
K02 through K39 where used for reissued Ishi Press books
K20 Essential Go Proverbs
K40 The Go Player's Almanac 2001
K46 Graded Go Problems for Beginners, Volume 1
K47 Graded Go Problems for Beginners, Volume 2
K48 Graded Go Problems for Beginners, Volume 3
K49 Graded Go Problems for Beginners, Volume 4
K50 Go -- A Complete Introduction to the Game
K51 Get Strong at the Opening
K52 Get Strong at Joseki, Volume 1
K53 Get Strong at Joseki, Volume 2
K54 Get Strong at Joseki, Volume 3
K55 Get Strong at Invading
K56 Get Strong at Tesuji
K57 Get Strong at the Endgame
K58 Get Strong at Life and Death
K59 Get Strong at Handicap Go
K60 Get Strong at Attacking
K61 300 Life-and-Death Problems (5-kyu to 3-dan)
K62 300 Tesuji Problems (5-kyu to 3-dan)
K63 300 Joseki Problems (1-dan to 3-dan)
K64 300 Life-and-Death Problems (4-dan to 7-dan)\
K65 300 Tesuji Problems (4-dan to 7-dan)
K66 300 Joseki Problems (4-dan to 7-dan)
K67 256 Opening and Middle Game Problems (1-dan to 7-dan)
K69 Cosmic Go: A Guide to Four-Stone Handicap Games
K70 The World of Chinese Go
K71 Five Hundred and One Opening Problems
K72 One Thousand and One Life-and-Death Problems
K73 Making Good Shape
K74 501 Tesuji Problems
K75 The Basics of Go Strategy
K76 All About Ko
K77 Attacking and Defending Moyos
K78 Fight like a Pro: the Secrets of Kiai
K79 An Encyclopedia of Go Principles
K80 Close Encounters with the Middle Game
K81 A Dictionary of Modern Fuseki The Korean Style
K89 Fuseki Revolution: How AI Has Changed Go
K90 Joseki Revolution? Overthrowing Conventional Wisdom
K94 Weird and Wonderful - Volume 1 - Extraordinary Moves by Professional Go Players
K99 Go: An Asian Paradigm for Business Strategy
Japanese Prints and the World of Go

Note: This listing of Kiseido Books does not include the Ishi Press volumes republished by Kiseido.

Kiseido Publications for iPad and iPhone

K50 Go -- A Complete Introduction to the Game
IP101 Modern Master Games

Kiseido Published Books

Kiseido is no longer associated with the go server KGS.


Bob McGuigan As a point of history, I think the first publication of the Kiseido Publishing Company was "Invincible--The Games of Shusaku" This was published in 1982 and Ishi Press was still active and publishing then. To us outsiders Kiseido appeared to be John Power's marque for what we hoped would be a series of books like "Invincible" on great go masters. No other books appeared, though, and when the Ishi Press mess occurred Kiseido began publishing more books as listed above.

Richard Hunter I think it would be better to consider "Invincible--The Games of Shusaku" as completely separate from the other Kiseido books. Kiseido was originally a company formed by John Power. After the publication of "Invincible--The Games of Shusaku", he transferred the name Kiseido to Richard Bozulich, who needed a company to reissue reprints of old Ishi Press books and publish new books. The before and after versions of Kiseido have no connection to each other.

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