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The Xiān Jī Wǔký (Arsenal of Immortal Devices, 仙機武庫 (Trad), 仙机武库 (Simp)) is a famous Chinese go manual compiled around 1629 during the Ming Dynasty by Lu Xuanyu? (陸玄宇) and his son. Lý, a famous collector of go manuscripts, carefully selected and edited material from several famous go manuals and game records into eight scrolls: Gold (金集), Rock (金集), Silk (丝集), Bamboo (竹集), Gourd (匏集), Earth (土集), Leather (革集), and Wood (木集). Later, Guo Bailing, the famous go player from the late Ming / early Ching Dynasty, revised a new version of the book.

Since the book is a selected work, then duplicate content can be found in several previous sources. On the other hand, much of the material is unique since many previous sources no longer exist.

For tsumego fans, the most important scrolls are the Leather and Wood scrolls, which together contain over 400 problems.


The Celestial Arsenal
("Xianji Wuku")
By: Lu Xuanyu?
Translator: Ruoshi Sun

ISBN10 1522709193
ISBN13 978-1522709190
500 pp.

The book was translated into English by Ruoshi Sun in 2015 under the title The Celestial Arsenal. Sample pages can be viewed and the book can be purchased on Amazon here:

[ext] Amazon
[ext] CreateSpace

Table of Contents

  • Foreword by Sun Ruoshi
  • Preface by Dong Zhongxing
  • Part I---Games
    • Chapters 1, 2
  • Part II---Patterns
    • Chapters 3-6
  • Part III---Problems
    • Chapters 7, 8


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