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Bruce Wilcox is a Go theorist and AGA 5-dan who has written a number of go-playing programs, books and computer based learning programs.

Bruce commonly plays the unusual GreatWall fuseki.

Some of Wilcox's outlook was enumerated at [ext] (Taxonomy), but the link doesn't work any more. Anyone got a correct link? Coldnight Took some time looking [ext]

[Bruce Wilcox 6/1/2004]: Web site: [ext] . Email is Currently living in Kailua, Hawaii. Software instruction on Contact Fights called Go Dojo: Contact Fights available for US$25 including shipping and handling (product can be delivered by email at accounts accepting 1 MB). Go Dojo: Sector Fights available for US$35.

[Bruce Wilcox 4/30/2009]: Was living in Portland, moving to San Luis Obispo. Working on a chatbot.

[Bruce Wilcox 7/1/2018]: living in Atascadero, CA

Metaperl 9/1/2022: current site is [ext] and payment info can be found under [ext] and [ext]



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bayesian: I bought Sector Fights at the Go congress in 2004. That evening I went back to my room, spent about 10 minutes looking at the program, and immediately went back downstairs to buy his Contact Fights CD. They are that good.

Also, and interersting note on the EZ-Go book: If you google Bruce Wilcox within, there is an interesting discussion back when the book came out about the appropriateness of the front and back covers. Sort of funny to read about.

TakeNGive: I've been reading EZ Go with great interest, so I looked for more info on the web. I did a pretty thorough Google search 2002-05-23 (at least, I think I was thorough), and found nothing recent on Bruce, though it seems his co-author and wife has been doing much with VRML and some kind of Hawaiian ceramic jewelry.

minismurf: I am afraid not so many agree that this book is excellent. Particularly, it is very chatty, and does not conform to general go terminology.

A trial of one of his go programs can be downloaded from [ext] . Sad to say, the level of play is not very high.

Fhayashi: Looking at the benefactor's list and past tournament results at the MGA, Bruce Wilcox seemed to have been active in the Boston-area go scene back in the 80's, but he seems to have disappeared since then. I wonder if he ever frequents any of the servers?

Tamsin: Perhaps he is tartrate? :-)

Tartrate has rarily lost, hasn't he? I could not imagine that with Instant Go only :-)
I have great respect for anyone who teaches and proliferates Go and hold Bruce in high esteem for that, but I couldn't resist a comment here.

Tom: He seems to have started playing on KGS at the beginning of this year (2004) as bwilcox.

Calvin: Is that really him? That's a 2d account now.

Petri: Sure is. KGS 2d = AGA 5d, To best of my recollection he is 5d AGA.

KoKs: Not true. KGS 2d = AGA 3d. And AGA 5d = KGS 4d, 5d. For the full list of rank comparision, see Rank Worldwide Comparison. Also keep in mind that, people tend to be weaker on KGS than they are in real life.

tapir: Probably both of you are correct. The entry is somewhat dated, KGS ranks changed considerably during the years.

Xela: I looked at some of his recent (April/May 2005) KGS games, and was disappointed not to see any examples of the GreatWall.

BW1 by Bruce Wilcox vs Nakayama, 5p. 1984. 9 stones, 13-13 board: [ext]

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