Richard Hunter

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Richard Hunter
British player living in the UK. Currently playing as 2 dan. Received 4 dan certificate in 1991.
Playing regularly at [ext] Bristol go club.
Lived on the Isle of Man 2008-2009.
Lived in Tokyo, Japan 1980-2008.
Regular contributor to the British Go Journal from 1991 to 2006.

Email contact: (<first name> <underscore character> <last name> at mac dot com)


Author of six go books.

Printed books

Cross-cut Workshop: 1st Ed: July 2001; 2nd Ed: March 2008
Monkey Jump Workshop: May 2002
Counting Liberties and Winning Capturing Races: April 2003
Key Concepts in Life and Death -- Inside Moves and Under the Stones Techniques: July 2007


Counting Liberties and Winning Capturing Races: July 2013
Key Concepts in Life and Death -- Inside Moves and Under the Stones Techniques: November 2013
Cross-cut Workshop: December 2013
The Monkey Jump: July 2014
Just Enough Japanese Volume One: April 2015
Just Enough Japanese Volume Two: December 2015

Planned for the future

Just Enough Japanese Volume Three: TBD (to be determined)

Go Interests

When I was in Japan, I used to watch Go programs on Japanese TV and I have a collection of DVD recordings. I used to browse through Second-hand bookshops in Tokyo? and I have a large collection of second-hand Japanese go books.

I'm interested in encouraging people to read Japanese go books. Here's a page to help people who know no Japanese get started: Basic Japanese for Reading Go Books.

The ipad is a wonderful accessory for go players. I'm on my second now. Ipad 4 with retina display (after an ipad 2). I use it for studying go and Japanese, as well as for other purposes.

ipad software that I have:

Go programs that I use regularly

[ext] Smartgo Kifu
[ext] SmartGo Books
[ext] EasyGo
[ext] Tsumego Pro

Go programs that I occasionally use or previously used

[ext] Nihon Kiin iGO Books
[ext] 4by4GoPuzzle (by Cho U)

Japanese programs/websites that I use regularly

[ext] StickyStudy Japanese
[ext] Midori
[ext] Satori Reader

Japanese programs that I occasionally use or previously used

[ext] Human Japanese
[ext] Japanese for iOS
[ext] JiShop
[ext] imiwa?
[ext] Tengugo
[ext] Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese
[ext] Wakaru

Some links for my benefit


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