Get Strong at the Endgame

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Get Strong at the Endgame
Part 7 of the series: Get Strong at Go Series
By: Richard Bozulich
Publisher: Kiseido, April 1997
ISBN10 4-906574-57-2
164 pp.

Get Strong at the Endgame is volume 7 of the Get Strong at Go Series published by Kiseido. The book is compiled by Richard Bozulich. The book contains 291 problems, broken down into 42 whole board problems, followed by 120 endgame puzzles, then 101 endgame value calculations, and concluding with 28 practical whole game problems.

The preface to the book recommends solving the whole board problems first, and then solve all the rest of the problems in the book. When you come back to do the first set of problems again, you should see a vast improvement.[1]

!Problem discussions Here's a list of problems some deshi have questions about. Preferably we don't discuss them systematically.

Errata page.


Robert Jasiek's review
David Carlton has a [ext] review of this book.
crux's review.

[1] Dieter: This is really a novel approach. It's the only book I know that suggests this way of studying. When reading a Go book, one always wonders how much good it does your game. Here you get "real life situations" first. Then you learn the techniques and can solve the RL situations again. So you will know more than approximately by how much you have improved. You will now decide a portion of the 42 "game endings" in your favour. Not all games are that tight; but if you get strong at the endgame, maybe your opponent is not (and in the book you are playing the perfect player).

If only for this approach I put the book in my top 3.

Table of Contents

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Sample Problems

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