The Treasure Chest Enigma

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The Treasure Chest Enigma
By: Noriyuki Nakayama
Publisher: [!Published Privately], April 1984
191 pp.

The Treasure Chest Enigma is a collection of essays and ladder problems by Nakayama Noriyuki published by the author in 1984 and, at one time, distributed by Ishi Press. A beautiful hardcover volume of 191 pages with dust jacket and frontispiece photographs.

A second edition[1], with near identical content to the first edition, was published in 2005 by Slate and Shell.

The [ext] German edition[2] was published in 2008 under the title "Die Schatztruhe" by Brett und Stein Verlag.


[ext] Review by David Carlton.
[ext] Review by Bob McGuigan on the AGA website. The reviews are alphabetically organized, scroll way down.
Review by crux.

RafaelCaetano: There are some brief comments about this book in other SL pages, but no comments here... Well, I've just got a copy in a used bookstore. It's a delightful read!

You won't get stronger reading it, but who cares? If you're an addicted go player, this book is a must. Unfortunately the essays section is too short.

I was surprised with the informal, irreverent writing style of Nakayama. Are there other Japanese go writers (pro or not) who write like that?

Can someone tell us about "Tales of a man crazy about go" by the same author?

BobMcGuigan: The essays in Treasure Chest were translated from a collection titled Jitsuroku Igo Kodan. Gokyo Monogatari (Tales of a man crazy about go) is a similar collection of essays that were originally published in Igo Club magazine. A few of them were translated and published in Go World issue number 50. Mr.Nakayama has just published a two volume work Showa Igo Fu-un Roku (Record of the winds of change in Showa era Go), a sort of personal history of go during the reign of Emperor Hirohito including many anecdotes.

Table of Contents

Translators' Preface
Part One: Essays

  • The Treasure Chest Enigma
  • Strange Laughter at Midnight
  • Memories of Kitani
  • The Clam Shells are Heavy
  • The New Year's Eve Disciple
  • The Art of Resigning
  • The Second Drama

Part Two: Game Commentaries

  • The Ladder Mimic Game
  • Fujisawa Shuko v. Sakata
  • Kajiwara v. Cho Chikun

Part Three: Problems

  • Problems 1 - 20
  • Answers

Glossary of Japanese Go Terms
Biographical Details of Go Players
Book in Japanese by Nakayama Noriyuki

Sample Material

Other Languages

German: Die Schatztruhe published by Brett und Stein Verlag in 2008.

[1] Bob McGuigan: The second edition differs slightly from the first. The essays and game commentaries are unchanged but some of the ladder problems have been replaced with new ones.
[2] The German edition is based on the second edition of the English version.

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