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Self-publisher and translator of ancient Chinese go books.


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Translation Original
Title Year of
Purchase Title Author Year of
Three-Stone Games 2013 [ext] CS

[ext] Amazon

Sanzi Pu 三子譜 Guo Bailing 過百齡 1725
Four-Stone Games (2 vols.) 2014 I: [ext] CS

[ext] Amazon

II: [ext] CS
[ext] Amazon

Sizi Pu 四子譜 Guo Bailing 過百齡 16??
Games of Wonder 2014 [ext] CS

[ext] Amazon

Yi Miao 弈妙 Wu Jun, Wu Jiong 吳峻、吳駉 1764
Go Book of Peach Blossom Spring 2014 [ext] CS

[ext] Amazon

Taohua Quan Yipu 桃花泉弈譜 Fan Xiping 范西屏 1764
The Celestial Arsenal 2015 [ext] CS

[ext] Amazon

Xianji Wuku 仙機武庫 Lu Xuanyu 陸玄宇 1629
Go Fundamentals 2016 [ext] CS

[ext] Amazon

Yili Zhigui Xubian 弈理指歸續編 Shi Xiangxia 施襄夏 1778
Path to Go 2016 [ext] CS

[ext] Amazon

Yi Cheng 弈程 Zhang Yabo, Shi Xiangxia 張雅博、施襄夏 1799


[ext] AGA Games Database player card

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