More Go By Example

  Difficulty: Intermediate   Keywords: Tactics, Strategy, Theory

More Go by Example: Improving Single Digit Kyu Play is a book by Neil Moffatt, aimed at single digit kyu players.

Table of Contents

  • On single-digit kyu players
  • A. The value of reading
    1. Read-ahead avoids defence
    2. Failing to search for key moves
    3. Succumbing to dan pressure
    4. The cost of cursory reading
    5. A game of many possibilities
    6. A series of misreads
    7. Corner fight
    8. Staying connected
    9. Even 6 dans make mistakes
    10. Using strength to net capture
  • B. Looking beyond the immediate position
    1. A joseki ending in weak shape
    2. Think before playing!
    3. Gaining from your loss
    4. Playing mechanically
    5. Missing the other threat
    6. Missing the big picture
  • C. Be prepared to sacrifice stones
    1. Sacrifice to build an attack
    2. Sacrifice to stay connected
    3. Creating a dead shape
    4. Failing to see possibilities
    5. Sacrifice small to gain big
    6. Sacrificing a single stone!
  • D. Coordinating tactics
    1. Exploiting liberty shortages
    2. Remembering a weakness
  • E. Steering play
    1. Choosing the right joseki
    2. Creating a target weak group
    3. Attacking from strength
  • F. Whole board balance
    1. Weak positions in the fuseki
    2. But some kyu players get it
    3. Sente or not sente?
    4. Even dan players get it wrong
    5. Less linear thinking
    6. Large scale coordination
    7. Seeing the bigger threat
  • G. Influence
    1. The one-space chain
    2. Using a wall indirectly
    3. A contrast in styles
    4. Defending influence!
    5. Avoid damaging your influence
    6. Battle of two walls
  • H. Playing with good shape
    1. Playing too meekly
    2. Making your opponent strong
    3. Bamboo joint too automatic
    4. Avoiding cutting points
    5. The flow of good shape
    6. Playing decisively
    7. Making the opponent heavy
    8. Living in the corner
  • I. Example games
    1. 6 kyu vs 7 kyu game
    2. 4 kyu vs 4 kyu game
    3. 1 kyu vs 1 kyu game

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