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Table of contents

Playing pages

Starting a game

Life and death

Technique and skill

About the opening, middle game and endgame

About tactics and strategy

About studying the game

Cultural pages

The world of the pros

About the Goban


Clubs, Tournaments and Ratings


Books and publications


Forum-style pages, blogs


Theory pages

Life and death

The value of moves

  • Miai counting – Evaluating the urgency of moving in a local position from the difference between the results of a Black or a White move
  • Deiri counting – An alternative to miai counting
  • Score – The actual net territory (Black minus White) in an played out area
  • Count – The potential score in an area, as a tree
  • Infinitesimals – Special numbers used to evaluate positions

Analysis of sequences

  • Tewari – Analysing sequences of moves by considering them in a different order or with omissions

The endgame

Mathematical theory

Links and index pages

Meta pages

Discussion about the nature of this web site: practical advice for navigating and editing, as well as some more philosophical issues.

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