All About Thickness

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All About Thickness
("厚みの百科 (atsumi no hyakka)")
By: Ishida Yoshio
Publisher: Ishi Press, April 1990
ISBN10 4-87187-034-0
192 pp.

All About Thickness, written by Ishida Yoshio, translated by Stuart Dowsey, published by Ishi Press (G34), 1990. The original Japanese book was published in 1986 as #6 of NEW Bessatsu Igo Kurabu series.

Available in digital format in the Kiseido Digital Bookshelf or as reprints on Amazon.


Scartol I had never heard of this book until a friend from the Go club insisted that I borrow and read it. It's quick and very useful. Each chapter is four pages, each with a full-size diagram plus drawn and written commentary.

By using the whole board instead of smaller foci, the author does a great job of demonstrating how groups can work together to use influence most effectively (and how to get in the way of same when your opponent tries to make territory). Some of the chapters are less useful ("Kaizen's Great Masterpiece"), but interesting nonetheless.

Entertaining and enlightening, as a good Go book should be.

David Carlton's [ext] review.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Translator's Notes
  • Example 1 Connect Up the Star-points
  • Example 2 Blockade the Enemy
  • Example 3 The Attach-and-Extend Joseki: A Good Example of Thick Shape
  • Example 4 Thickness and Extensions from a Star-point Joseki
  • Example 5 Keep Your Nose in Front
  • Example 6 The Large-Scale Push
  • Example 7 Make Thickness During the Opening
  • Example 8 The 3-3 Invasion
  • Example 9 Creation of Thickness Requires Flexibility
  • Example 10 Variations on a Joseki Designed to Take Outside Influence
  • Example 11 The Power and Range of Thickness
  • Example 12 Pincers and Extensions
  • Example 13 Attack or Defense
  • Example 14 The Grand Sacrifice
  • Example 15 The Enemy's Vital Point is My Vital Point
  • Example 16 Combining an Extension with an Approach Move
  • Example 17 Use Thickness in Your Strategy
  • Example 18 In a Case of Opposing Thicknesses, First to Play Has the Advantage
  • Example 19 Take Territory While Attacking
  • Example 20 Protecting the Cut is a Thick Defense
  • Example 21 Choose a Thickness Joseki According to the Corner Situation
  • Example 22 The Ladder and the Outward Facing Joseki
  • Example 23 The Ideal-Thickness Trap
  • Example 24 Taking the High Ground
  • Example 25 Thickness and Profit in Simple Versions of the Taisha Joseki
  • Example 26 One Line Can Make All The Difference
  • Example 27 Maneuvering For a Territorial Moyo
  • Example 28 Pushing Out to Utilize the Sanren-sei
  • Example 29 Inviting the Opponent Build Thickness is a Grave Error
  • Example 30 How to Make Territory and Thickness in Actual Play
  • Example 31 The Balance Between Territory and Thickness
  • Example 32 Turn a Wall Into Large-scale Real Territory
  • Example 33 Clear-cut Spheres of Influence and Settled Territory
  • Example 34 The Perfect Solid Connection and the "Thousand Dollar' Bend
  • Example 35 The Early Bird Catches the Worm
  • Example 36 Don't Get Too close to Thickness
  • Example 37 Playing at the Boundary of Influence
  • Example 38 Play in the Corner and Build a Large Moyo
  • Example 39 The Point That Connects in Three Directions Can't Be Bad
  • Example 40 Imperfect Thickness Can Be Erased Completely
  • Example 41 Thickness as the Basis of Large Moyos
  • Example 42 Eliminate the Cutting Point
  • Example 43 Cover the Center With Thickness
  • Example 44 The Capping Move and Thickness Make Good Partners
  • Example 45 Widen Your Horizons
  • 'Thickness' in Go Proverbs
  • Index: Types of Thickness

Sample Material

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OOP chinese version of this book is 围棋厚势百科---简单易懂的模样和势力 "Weiqi Thickness Encyclopedia - Understand Moyo and Influence" ISBN 7-81003-526-6

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