Sizi Pu

Four-Stone Games (Part I)
("Sizi Pu")
By: Guo Bailing
Translator: Ruoshi Sun

ISBN10 1494894998
ISBN13 978-1494894993
244 pp.

Four-Stone Games (Part II)
("Sizi Pu")
By: Guo Bailing
Translator: Ruoshi Sun

ISBN10 1495301001
ISBN13 978-1495301001
295 pp.

Sizi Pu (四子谱) is written by Guo Bailing (過百齡, c. 1587 - c. 1662, titled daguoshou), who also authored Guanzi Pu (官子譜) and Sanzi Pu (三子譜), the latter of which has been translated into English under the title Three-Stone Games.

Sizi Pu contains hundreds of diagrams from Guo's research on four-stone handicap games. Many of the variations contain dozens of moves (occasionally more than 100), as a result of quarter-board or even half-board fights.

The book has been translated into English by Ruoshi Sun in 2014 under the title Four-Stone Games in two volumes. It is available on Patreon (PDF) and Amazon (paperback).

Table of Contents

Part I

Purchase: [ext] Patreon (PDF) [ext] Amazon (paperback)

Part II

Purchase: [ext] Patreon (PDF) [ext] Amazon (paperback)

Historical Comments

  • "It is the author's intention to elucidate the countless variations and let people realize that they all follow the basic principles." -- Guo Bailing in Sizi Pu.
  • "Guo Bailing's attachment has been an impregnable bulwark in his entire life. ... In Sizi Pu, Bailing has (almost) exhausted the attachment variations." -- Xu Xingyou in Jianshantang Yipu.


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