How to Play Go the AI Way

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How to Play Go the AI Way! Explained with illustrative diagrams

How to Play Go the AI Way?
By: Yamada Shinji
Publisher: BOARD N'STONES, 2020
ISBN13 978-3-940563-78-1
196 pp.

This book is intended for amateur players who would like to learn and apply the style of modern AIs. This style is confusing because so many moves have so little to do with the traditional approach. However, study of the new techniques introduced by AIs has led to their rapid adoption and today their use is almost a matter of course for professionals.

This book summaries the insights gained by studying AI techniques and explains them in striking diagrams.

Yamada Shinji: I wrote this book with great enthusiasm and hope that it will allow everyone to profit from my studies. I am very pleased to have experienced this significant development leading to a new era in which an AI can beat humans at Go. My study of the AI style has delighted me in a way that I had never before experienced while playing Go. I hope that my book can convey this delight to its readers.

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