So you want to play Go Level 3

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So You Want to Play Go? Level 3
series: So You Want to Play Go?
[So You Want to Play Go? Level 3]
By: Jonathan Hop
280 pp.

Level 3 of the "So you want to play Go?" series is designed for single digit kyu players to assist in their never ending quest to become 1 dan. This edition is far more rigorous than the previous two and will delve deeper into topics like stone development and attacking to help you raise your level of play, as well as go over finer tactical concepts like overconcentration and probes so you can easily apply them in your games.

Table of Contents (main book part: Learning About Go)

  • Chapter 1: Stone Development
    • Wang Xi vs An Joyeoung (White)
    • Be careful how you jump out!
    • How about you decide?
    • Moyo Strategies
      • The border between your moyo and your opponentís moyo is pivotal!
      • Come into your opponentís moyo before itís too late!
      • Try not to have a weak group near your moyo!
    • Let's Take a Break!
  • Chapter 2: Tactical Concepts
    • #1 Overconcentration
    • #2 Aji
      • Aji Keshi
      • Bad Aji
    • #3 Probes
    • Let's Take a Break!
  • Chapter 3: Attacking
    • Attack in order to profit!
      • Attacking to construct a moyo
      • Attack to gain influence or thickness to pressure some other part of the board or invade.
      • Do not use thickness to directly surround territory.
    • The race towards the center: Getting ahead in life and Weiqi
      • Pushing from behind
      • Leaning Attacks
      • Consider the direction of the fight carefully. Play in order to strengthen your weakest group without strengthening your opponent!
    • Keeping your opponent weak
    • Let's Take a Break!
  • Chapter 4: Invading
    • Do not invade with a weak group nearby if youíre not going to sacrifice said weak group.
    • Let's Take a Break!
    • Musical Interlude
  • Chapter 5: Sabaki
    • Sacrificing
    • Moving out into the center
    • Let's Take a Break!
  • Chapter 6: Essential Shapes
    • Let's Take a Break!
  • Chapter 7: Common Kyu Level Mistakes
    • Let's Take a Break!
  • Wrap Up: Becoming a Dan Level Player
  • Dedication
  • Tsumego problems



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