Guo Tisheng

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Guo Tisheng (Chinese name: 过惕生) Chinese professional 1907- 7th December 1989. 5 dan in 1964, which was roughly his strength on the Japanese scale of that period. Claimed to be descended from Guo Bailing. Known as one of the strongest players in China prior to the rise of Chen Zude, Nie Weiping and others of that generation, many of whom he taught or trained including Wu Songsheng, Wang Runan, Shen Guosun and Luo Jianwen.[1]

Guo Tisheng and Liu Dihuai were collectively known as "South Liu North Guo" as they were the strongest professional go players from the Republic period to the early People's Republic period.

He won the first Chinese National Championship in 1956, and then again in 1962.

Author of Strategic Fundamentals in Go.



[1] Source: John Fairbairn's article, "Guo Tisheng" (30 November 2000) from the now defunct Mindzine.
[2] [ext] Politics of Go in Old Shanghai

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