Coming Soon and Go Book Rumors

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For those of us addicted to Go books to collect all the rumors so we can drool over upcoming tomes.

New Releases

2021: BOARD N'STONES has published "Aji's Quest" by Colette Bezio as printed book.

2020:Brett und Stein Verlag has published several new books among them Wie spielt man Go im KI-Stil? by Yamada Shinji, the English edition is How To Play Go The AI Way?.

The [ext] New Books at Brett und Stein page at Brett und Stein Verlag is always an excellent reference for what has recently been published.

The [ext] New Books in Go page at Schaak en Gowinkel het Paard is always an excellent reference for what has recently been published.

Ishi Press Archives reprints of nine long out-of-print books can now be found on Amazon (July 2015)[1]

Brett und Stein Verlag has just published the German translation of Tesuji by James Davies: See Lehrbücher des Go. Tesuji. Also there has just been released the fifth volume of the series Schwarz am Zug. Das Go-Uebungsbuch/Black to Play. Train the Basics of Go. for Kyu players. The first four volumes have been published in Spanish and French as well. All the books are also available at SmartGo Books. In 2018 two books by Yuan Zhou on AlphaGo have been translated into German.

Coming Soon

Kiseido states these titles are in preparation for their Road Map to Shodan series:

K86: All About the Endgame
K87: Sabaki — The Art of Settling Groups and Making Good Shape
K88: Attacking Weak Groups
K89: The Chinese and Mini-Chinese Openings
K90: The Kobayashi Opening
K96: Tasuki Openings
K98: Parallel Openings
K99: The Shusaku Opening

John Fairbairn is working on a series of thorough game commentaries of Go Seigen's jubango (ten-game matches) of which Kamakura was the first, Final Summit the second, and 9-Dan Showdown against Fujisawa Kuranosuke the third. Future volumes will include the matches with Sakata Eio, Hashimoto, Iwamoto Kaoru, the 'Ten Rising Stars,' Karigane Junichi and an unfinished ten-game match with Kitani Minoru. More info [ext] here.

Robert Jasiek is working on two more endgame books with the currently planned titles Endgame 4 - Global Move Order and Endgame 5 - Mathematics.

Coming Someday?

FredK: I've been waiting for years for Intermediate Level Power Builder, Volume 3. Does anyone have inside information on when Yutopian might release it?

[1] Four of these have been available for some time from Kiseido Digital as pdf on DVD. See [ext] here. Included in the Kiseido DVDs are Kato's Attack and Kill, Ishida's All About Thickness, Miyamotos Breakthrough to Shodan, and Takemiya's Enclosure Joseki. On Amazon the price for each volume is USD$24.95. The set of five books on DVD is priced at USD$39.00 and individual books are available at $10 each.

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