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native German ("de"), thinks, he's being good in English ("en-3"), has basic knowledge and understanding of french texts ("fr-1"),

Ruediger from Luebeck, north of Germany (near Hamburg).
Actually, I'm only a bad 3 kyu, but, if you play me, be aware, that I know some ugly tricks!

Editors resources

(my fastlinks)

I'm working (sometimes) with or on it: Software Template
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The go community in Luebeck has around 30 or 40 members, most of them with no time or interest for regular playing some hours every week. So our meeting in "Cafe Tonfink" (Gr.Burgstr.46) has around 6 to 8 regular visitors with strength from 15 to 1 kyu and other 10 to 15 from 30 kyu to 1 dan coming from time to time. One contact for our group is rued.kle (that's me).
Other go things happening in and around Luebeck:
A group in the rooms of the Freifunk "nobreakspace".


My last project was repairing the code of Jseki Tsumego, currently it can be downloaded at: (in MyGoGrinder's download area: [ext] JsekiTsumego 0.5.1

Previous projects:

Sad story

The newsgroup de.rec.spiele.brett+karten (german) has been deleted. The last years it had nearly no relevant traffic (all interested people have switched to web forums, e.g. [ext] at the DGoB)

Pages to be observed

Phelan: I replied to you in the topic for the page. Please reply. Feel free to remove this line when you see this.

tapir: "to be observed" means you are interested in doing something with them? otherwise i will just remove them these days (which doesn't prevent a new start anyway).

Oh - sorry - I didn't expect edits on this page - found your remarks just by chance.

While we Go players think, our world is nearly free of cheating and doping, this will possibly become a problem while years pass by.

Computers are faster/stronger, so some (also elder) kids might think, it is a nice idea to use a computer program to win an online tournament. Please, kids, beware, don't do it! Experienced players recognize computer moves. And tournament winner's games are examined usually, just to prevent wins by cheating.

Also doping is not far away from the real world, where exams and other tests are made with the help of psycho drugs. And there are more (also artificial) drugs experimented with. Oh - some months ago I saw a report from Brasil(?), where students told about preparing for exams while drinking mate tea. Mate is like coffee and not on a doping list - it just keeps you awake like green tea.

"Observed" - oh, if the page goes away, I will find it at; that page could be - oh - it is already a path. That's good.

Des sources de matieres en langue francais

(Resources using french language)

Des materiaux sur papier:

(... etre continue)

Recursos de Go en Espagnol

(Resources using spanish language)


hasu some ideas and advice for becoming stronger (I think, there is a Russian Go-wiki anywhere in the net)


Other pages, where I added some mustard and personal reminders

Blind Go - Youth Go (Path) - Level indicators - Teaching Methods (Path) - Go software for the future

My test area

Code resource

Four apostophs in a line are not displayed, but break else not displayable code (same as if there is no character between emphasis characters: ) Would be good to link to sub-headers not by section number, but by title, like in
[Rue Lue's Messages| phpwiki:?RueLue#Messages]: Rue Lue's Messages . . . (doesn't link to subheader, but to pagetitle) (but something similar is now possible, see Special Templates / Anchor)
but [Rue Lue's Messages| phpwiki:?RueLue#toc14] Rue Lue's Messages does it
[phpwiki:?RueLue#toc14] looks ugly, but does it's job:
phpwiki:?RueLue#toc14 but...: section numbers may change with the time.
Tournament reports ([Tournament reports|Tournaments#toc3]= in source) leads to sub header 3 of page tournaments; the other way it looks ugly: Tournaments#toc3.
from text formatting (NEW): Links to subheaders of pages: use #tocXY at the end. Example: [ReferenceSection - Cultural pages|ReferenceSection#toc2] becomes ReferenceSection - Cultural pages. Caution: order (or amount) of headers on a page can change and then the link will point to the wrong header.

t:737 [t:737] links to topic 737 of discussions
fixed sections order ( ;Term: Definition for definition lists )

[31] User Info

nonsens! - works also - huh? first try = ok (new tab and new window); second try = main page (hey, outsmarted myself: when finishing an edit with "Save", the link in the address field goes only to the main page. That was the reason.)

[abc] abcxy ( no, can only work with numbers, as [abc] would offer to create a new page)

[31] User Info (!! may precede for finding in TOC) (the '31' links back to definitions list on page, when that's missing, to sensei's frontpage
To link to a non-orphan (on the orphan page), use a phpwiki link, as the page automatically gets a notice 'orphan...' when it is mentioned with a normal wiki link.

For use in discussion and similar:


Comment to 'Opinion'

Answer to 'Comment to Opinion'

1 other comment to 'Opinion' 2 new line of same comment (leading '>' does not work as expected: no line break)

3 other comment to 'Opinion' (in source: empty line = empty line as result)
4 new line of same comment (in source: 3x'%' at the end the preceding line and leading '>' for the new line = line break, no empty line)
5 and a very long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long line, which is automatically broken to two (or more) lines

Text written in a new line shows up as 'new opinion'

... and the comment for the 'new opinion'

and see: axd's code section


Phelan: Regarding your fast links, if you sign-up, you can setup your bookmarks on the left side, over the Referenced by section. Not sure if you knew about that.

RueLue: Thankyou Phelan! Actually, I knew of this (took a bit to see where they are), but this way is fastest. I just played a bit around and found, that bookmarks in preferences it is not really, what is fast to use for me: mostly on sensei's I do not login before, but look around and read here and there. I use a public computer and before leaving, I erase private data (firefox shortcut), so the login-cookie is away. But o.k.: I will try to find a way to let my fastlinks be more an editors resource for all. Thankyou for your hint! Ruediger

Phelan: If you mostly use a public computer then having to login to see your bookmarks isn't as practical as linking them from your homepage, I guess. To be honest, I haven't added any new pages to my Bookmarks, so I don't know how useful it could be.

RueLue: @Phelan: Can you please check, if the sorting and categorising of links (Editors resources) is o.k now?

Phelan: I'm not sure what you mean by the categorising of links being ok...The categories seem to describe the pages well, is that what you meant? You can categorise links on your homepage any way you want them.

RueLue: And a question: how to link to a subheader of a page (not same page)? Thankyou! R.

Phelan: I think there is no direct way to link to a subheader, but you can use a phpwiki link, and add #tocx to the end............................. Example: [Rue Lue's Messages| phpwiki:?RueLue#toc11] becomes Rue Lue's Messages

RueLue: Thankyou, great! ... and no hint under 'TextFormattingRules' ... I have added your hint (I hope, that is o.k.). Ruediger

RueLue: Question to Phelan: As I know now, Sensei's is and shall be in english language. No Problem for me, but when I want to give links to resources to people, who are not familiar with english, it takes mostly some time to find the right pages. An idea: to have here pages with collection of those links: e.g. GermanDeutsch, FrenchFrancais, SpanishEspagnol etc. Would this break the rules here? They could also be collected on one page e.g. ForeignLanguageResources or similar. Ruediger

unkx80: Do you mean translation of Go terms? There are various translation pages such as Chinese Go terms, Japanese Go terms and Korean Go terms. Please feel free to start one in your language, and link it from the "see also" section of Go terms.

RueLue: I mean real resources to learn from or to work with (like Sensei's or Most resources use english language, but many people in not-english-speaking countries have problems to use these resources. In germany-west english was main foreign language at school, but in germany-east it was russian!

Phelan: For resources in French you have the [ext] EncyGoPédie, which is interconnected with Sensei's Library. As for other languages, I don't think there are any pages or sites collecting links, except for the national associations, of course. LinkCollection has a few links in other languages.

RueLue: Thankyou! I checked those pages and found some links to search further. (...and in the meantime I learn a bit spanish and improve my french :-) )

Phelan: just remembered another page: GoWikiWiki has links to a few international wikis.

RueLue: Thankyou! That is a good resource for searching further. Rue.

Teachers resources

TeachingMethods Path intended for those, who teach or want to teach go to beginners (and also to advanced players) (TeachersPath is now alias) Huh - what that: one of first versions of page version 5) - did I invent the wheel once more? all now in path (section 7: 'Teaching Go to more experienced players' does not contain the right links (a bit off path))?
need to merge Teaching Methods / Proposed Outline, Teaching Methods/ Discussion, Teaching Go To Newcomers ! and sub pages ! and
DieterVerhofstadt (there is more for the path)
Teacher (links to teachers; only to see, how they advertise and promote)
Tools for teaching online: CGoban / Kiseido, WinIGC (?), glGo, PandaEgg (is usually a question of options of the server)
(to be expanded)

Thoughts and ideas

Why has no game editor the option to switch to the source of a game file? Does anyone have a syntax-file for the HTML-Editor Phase 5 (Uli Meybohm)?

Pages, where I dropped my mustard or tried to help

Tournament Path?

If it is missing?
Coming: TD (Tournament Director)
ToDo: KGS Tournament Broadcasts exists,; better to have page [Tournament Broadcasts (common)], because several go-servers allow demo games and similar and are used for broadcasts.

  • Problems:
  • when error in recording
  • when broadcasted on two servers simultaneously (European Go Congress 2005)
  • (for example) IGS saves game files for download only for some quarter hours and after this only recorder can reach that file.

Infos fuer meine Schueler

Go in Reinfeld: Das ist ja schon lange vorbei...

KGS-Client, eigenes Bild, wie geht das? Den Client per Webstart ([ext] anschmeissen (viele Bytes wollen da durch die Leitung). Aber Client (Java-Datei, .jar) ist auf der CD die ihr bekommen habt. Eventuell musst du noch vorher Java installieren (sehr viiiiele MBy.; sollte auch auf der CD sein, sonst [ext] ... getjava/ (das ist jetzt übrigens, wird auch automatisch dahin weitergeleitet). Eine Bilddatei vorbereiten: Groesse=141x200 Pixel, Dateigroesse bis 7KBy. Bytes reduzieren geht durch Reduzierung der Farben (fuer bessere Ergebnisse: in kleinen Schritten 16000>256>128>64>... ), speichern als gif-Datei (jpg-Datei: Qualitaet herabsetzen). ! Experimentieren ! Dann CGoban-Hauptfenster (Raeume): Benutzer > Bild hochladen: wenn alles richtig ist, wirst du das Bild in den naechsten Stunden schon sehen koennen. Geht nicht ueber den Browser!

p.s.: Bild bearbeiten geht mit IrfanView ganz bequem (

RueLue last edited by on May 14, 2024 - 14:48
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