Difficulty: Introductory   Keywords: Go term

Chinese 1: 打吃 (da3 chi1)
Chinese 2: 叫吃 (jiao4 chi1)
Japanese 1: アタリ (atari)
Japanese 2: 当たり (atari)
Korean: 단수 (dansu)

The state of a stone or group of stones that has only one liberty.

The process of doing so, ie placing a stone that causes stones to be in Atari, is called Ate. (So in the strict sense, a player plays Ate, but makes Atari afterwards.)

(Example 1)

Single stones in atari  

The white stones are all in atari. Each white stone has one liberty. White's liberties are the marked intersections (or points).

A stone in atari is in danger of capture by the opponent.

(Example 2)

Groups of stones in atari  

The five black stones on the top right are in atari. The only liberty they have is the circled intersection.

The group of two black stones on the lower left is also in atari. It may be captured by white (when white plays at a).

Spot the Atari!

Unable to see which stones are under atari? Some exercises can be found at Spot the Atari.

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