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Chinese: 天元 (tiān yuán)
Japanese: 天元 (tengen)
Korean: 천원

Tengen ("origin of heaven") is a Japanese go term adopted by English speaking go players.

  1. The center point of the Go board. On a 19x19 board this is the 10-10 point (K10).
  2. The name of one of the seven Japanese big titles (see Tengen - the title).
  3. The equivalent Chinese term (天元 or tiānyuán) is also the name of a major tournament in China (see Tianyuan.)
Tengen hidden by black stone  

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Tengen is also the name given to go club located in Jyväskylä, Finland: [ext] http://www.suomigo.net/wiki/Tengen . Jyväskylä is in the center of Finland. Tengen is the center of goban. Hence, go club of Jyväskylä got name Tengen.

Another go club located in Santiago, Chile: [ext] http://clubtengen.blogspot.com/ has also adopted the name Tengen for their go club, probably for similar reasons.

HandOfPaper: Tengen, like Atari, was the name of an electronic game company that existed in the 1980s. There is a page on the Atari company on SL. Does anyone know enough about the Tengen company to start a page about it? If I remember correctly, Tengen made a few games for the NES...

Malweth: According to [ext] the IGN Page Tengen was an Atari spinoff to create games on NES.

Grindel: Additionally, Tengen were labled cartridges produced by Atari Games inc. with reverse engineered "10nes" chips in them and were unlicensed by Nintendo of America or Nintendo inc. of Japan. Atari lossed in a court action bought by Nintendo of America and were forced to pull the Tengen cartridges from distribution. More detailed information can be found in the documentary video by The Gaming Historian here [ext] https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fLA_d9q6ySs

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