Dual ladder breaker

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Chinese: 镇神头 (zhn shn tu)
Japanese: 鎮神頭 (chinshintou)
Korean: -

A dual ladder breaker or double ladder breaker is a move which breaks two ladders at a time.

Examples can be found in difficult TsumeGo-probles such as Igo-Hatsuyoron #6?, or actual, famous historic games (e.g., see the first recorded dual ladder breaker), not to be forgotten the variations from Joseki-variants (e.g., 2-4, two-high-kakari, outside-attachment...)


White to play. How to prevent two ladders?

Ladder 1  

This is the first ladder.

Ladder 2 (8 at 1)  

This is the second ladder. If W6 at B7, then B7 at a, and eventually White will still need to capture at W6.


The dual ladder breaker is W1.


Technically it does break the 2 ladders, but now a and b are miai as they are both double atari. So this probably isn't a good example. ~srn347

Both a and b were double atari before, but the white+circle stones are not that important. Breaking the ladders keeps the black+circle stones dead, which gives White a big corner. Does c not break both ladders also? -JoelR

Other attempts  

JoelR asked above: Does W1 not break both ladders also.

No, it does not. B can threaten one ladder and then capture some stones in a squeeze. There are probably other ways for black too.

Other attempts - contd.  

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