Difficulty: Beginner   Keywords: Shape, Tactics

Chinese: 断 (duan4); 切断 (qie4 duan4)
Japanese: キリ (kiri)
Korean: -


A cut is a move preventing a connection, or an existing situation where stones are prevented from connecting. Usually the term applies to stones which are in direct contact.



In the left part of this diagram, Black can connect his two stones at the marked point. In the right part it is shown how White cuts the stones, at W1. The Black stones will only be able to connect again if the cutting stone is captured.


In this situation we will rather say that B1 separates the white stones. The implication on a strategic level is the same (the stones will not easily connect). On a tactical level, B1 needs not be captured for the white stones to connect .


A cut  

Because of the two black+circle stones, the white+square stones are cut off from the living white stones on the top edge.


Cutting and connecting is a central concept in Go. You are normally well advised to keep your own groups connected and cut your opponent's groups apart.

(See: Divide and conquer)

Solid cuts and crosscuts

It is worth noting that cutting stones are often themselves separated from their group, so if you are cutting two groups to capture one of them, you must make sure that your cutting stones will not get captured first.

Solid cut  

In a solid cut, Black cuts the White stones while connecting his own, resulting in a very favourable position where only White has the burden of being cut.


Here, B1, the cutting stone, is itself cut from friendly stones. This more balanced kind of cut is called a crosscut.

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