Trick Play

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Chinese: 骗着 (piÓn zhāo)
Japanese: ハメ手(hamete);だまし手 (damashite)
Korean: 꼼수

A trick play, or attempted swindle, attempts to entice the opponent into playing an "obvious" response which yields a poor result for her. If answered correctly, the result will typically be worse for the instigator of the trick than if he had played correctly. Trick plays are often characterised by unnatural plays: filling liberties or creating cutting points.


A special case: 'Hamete'

Allthough hamete is a trick play, only few trick plays are hamete.

It refers to the practice of playing a non-standard variation in joseki that has a chance of deceiving even amateur dan players by luring them into playing a obvious but incorrect answer.

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