Romanization means writing other languages using the Roman alphabet.


There is one [ext] short article at Go4Go talking about Romanization of player names.


Romanization of Japanese presents several issues, including naming order and romanization style issues.

Sensei's Library use a modified version of the Hepburn romanization system (without macrons and apostrophes). The "Revised Hepburn" system used by the United States Library of Congress is presented alongside the modified romanization in articles about the subject. See Japanese Go Pronunciations.

Viciousman: (The line originally said: Romanization of Japanese presents no problems.)

Andrew Grant: Oh yes it does - there are at least three ways of doing it, and you have to use the right one. See the Discussion page.

anonymous: What is the reason for removing macrons and apostrophes? This is confusing and inaccruate.

Blake: They don't translate well to URLs, so the pagenames on senseis can't handle them. Do you really want to write ōgeima that bad?


It has been agreed (quote unkx80) to use Pinyin (拼音, pīnyīn) [ext] Pinyin on SL.

  • tderz: It can be noted, that for all of us non-sinologists this also includes the roman letters without the diacritic signs [10].

(example: pīnyīn becomes Pinyin, which is ok too on Senseis (as you could not have unicode in Senseis pagenames?)),

[10] despite that this might lead to ambiguities:
ma ma ma ma ma ? (seems to have no sense; a prattling toddler?)

mā ma m mǎ ma
māma m mǎ ma (Pinyin adds sense)

妈妈 骂 马 吗 (?) (characters eliminate any possible ambiguity)
Mummy scolds the horse? (this is the meaning)

Other Chinese tongue twisters (绕口令): (proving the usefulness of diacritic signs ... and characters)
西(xi1)施(shi1) 死(si3) 時 四(si4)十(shi2)四(si4)
xī shī sǐ sh ssh s
Xi Shi died at 44.

四是四 s sh s
十是十 sh sh sh
十四是十四 shs sh shs
四十是四十 ssh sh ssh
四十四是四十四 sshs sh sshs
四十四隻石獅子是死的 sshs zhī sh shīzi sh sǐ de

s sh s, sh sh sh, shs sh shs, ssh sh ssh, sshs sh sshs, sshs zhī sh shzi sh sǐde

Four is four,
ten is ten,
fourteen is fourteen,
forty is forty,
forty four is forty four,
at forty four one of the stone lions died.

(Now imagine a person from Shanghai - my father-in-law, speaking 普通话 pǔ tōng hu without distinguishing much between sh and s,
often it sounds like s (tong seems to approach less the gum than the upper front teeth))
this could sound close to s s s, s s s, ss s ss, ss sh ss, sss sh sss, sss zhī s szi sh sǐde

吃葡萄不吐葡萄皮j pútao bù tù pútao p,
不吃葡萄倒吐葡萄皮 bùchī pútao dào tù pútao p

If eating grapes, don't spit out the grape skins (Chinese do!)
If (/When) not (anymore) eating grapes, (then) spit out the grape skins
Frank Sinatra (lyrics: Paul Anka): "I ate it up and spit it out." (from "I did it my Way")

qīngqīng shānshàng yī gēn tng, qīngtng dǐxia guà chuī tng tng tng tng tng

Atop a green mountain grows a vine,
under the green vine hangs a copper bell,
when the wind blows, the vine moves and the bell moves,
when the wind stops, the vine stops and the bell stops.

盆和瓶 pn h png]
桌上有個盆 zhuōshàngxng yǒu g pn
盆裡有個瓶 pn lǐ yǒu g png
砰砰砰 pēng pēng pēng
是瓶碰盆 sh png png pn
還是盆碰瓶 háish pn png png

Pan and table,
the desktop has a pan,
inside the pan there's a bottle,
bang, bang, bang.
Is it the bottle hitting the pan
or the pan hitting the bottle?

青青山上一根藤 qīng qīng shān shàng yī gēn tng
青藤底下挂銅鈴 qīng tng dǐxia guà tóng lng
風吹藤動銅鈴動 fēng chuī tng dòng tóng lng dòng
風停藤停銅鈴停 fēng tng tng tng tóng lng tng

Atop a green mountain grows a vine.
under the green vine hangs a copper bell,
when the wind blows, the vine moves and the bell moves,
when the wind stops, the vine stops and the bell stops.

(Tongue twister's characters taken from, but the words are actually common knowledge)


 y y y  y y   y yī   y y
 羿 裔 熠 , 邑 彝 , 义 医 , 艺 诣 。
y y y y y yī  yī y y  yī yǐ  y y yǐ
 熠 姨 遗 一 裔 伊 ,  伊 仪 迤 , 衣 旖 , 益 奕 矣 。
y y yī yǐ   y yī yǐ y yī  yī y yī  yī y yī yǐ y y y  y y yǐ
 熠 意 伊 矣 ,  易 衣 以 贻 伊 , 伊 遗 衣 , 伊 异 衣 以 意 异 熠 ,  熠 抑 矣 。
 yī y y  y y y   y y  y y y   y y  yī y   y y   y y yī   y yī
 伊 驿 邑 , 弋 一 翳 , 弈 毅 。 毅 仪 奕 , 诣 弈 , 衣 异 , 意 逸 。 毅 诣 伊 , 益 伊 ,
yī y , yǐ  y y yǐ ,  y y y yī .
伊 怡 , 已 意 毅 矣 , 毅  亦 怡 伊 。
 y  yī y y y  y yǐ y y yī  yī y y yī yǐ y
 翌 , 伊 亦 弈 毅 。 毅 以 蜴 贻 伊 , 伊 亦 贻 衣 以 毅 。
 yī y  y y  y y yǐ  yǐ yǐ yī yī  y y yī yī
 伊 疫 , 呓 毅 , 癔 异 矣 , 倚 椅 咿 咿 , 毅 亦 咿 咿 。
 y y y  y yǐ y  y y yī yī  y y y  y y y y   y yǐ y y yī   y y
 毅 诣 熠 , 意 以 熠 , 议 熠 医 伊 , 熠 懿 毅  意 役 毅 逸 。 毅 以 熠 宜 伊 , 毅 逸 。
 y y y yǐ yī yī  y yī y y  yǐ yǐ yī yī  yī y y   y   yī y   y y yī   y
 熠 驿 邑 以 医 伊 , 疑 伊 胰 痍 , 以 蚁 医 伊 , 伊 遗 异 , 溢 , 伊 咦 。 熠 移 伊 , 刈
y yǐ yī ,  yī y yǐ .
 薏 以 医 , 伊 益 矣 。
 yī y y  y y y yǐ  y y yī y yǐ y  y y y yī   yī y   yī   y
 伊 忆 毅 , 亦 呓 毅 矣 , 熠 意 伊 毅 已 逸 , 熠 意 役 伊 。 伊 异 , 噫 , 缢 。
 y y  y y
 熠 癔 , 亦 缢 。

Modern Chinese version   后羿的后裔名字叫熠, 住彝地, 从医, 有义医之称,在医学上极有造诣。

  熠的姨妈死后, 留下了一个女儿名叫伊。伊风情万种, 穿着好看的衣服,更觉迷人。熠暗恋伊,熠便送了伊一件漂亮的衣服。伊把熠给她的衣服丢了,穿上自己的服装,向熠炫耀,熠非常郁闷。

  伊迁居到邑地,某天,伊在树阴下玩耍,看到有人在下棋, 便和一个叫毅的人下了起来。毅英俊高大,棋艺高超,衣着飘逸,谈吐潇洒,毅也欣赏伊的风姿,在下棋中不断地指点伊,伊对毅的棋艺十分佩服,芳心大动,毅也爱上伊。


  后来伊病倒了, 昏迷中一直呼唤着毅的名字, 靠着一把椅子咿咿地说着胡话, 毅见此也泣不成声了。


  熠来到了邑,发现伊是胰脏出了毛病,给伊服用了用蚂蚁制成的秘方。伊服药之后出现腹泻, 神志也开始清醒, 发出了声音。接着熠用薏米为方,伊服用后很快就康复了。

  伊一直非常想念毅,甚至睡梦中都呼唤毅的名字, 质问伊毅到哪里去了。熠告诉伊:毅不要她了,已经离开,再不回来。伊哭了,不相信毅这么绝情。熠暗示伊,毅虽走了, 还有熠在。伊想到再也见不到毅了,便上吊殉情。



English   The descendant of Hou Yi who named Yi (熠)lived in Yi(彝). He was a good doctor and excelled at medicine.

  His aunt, who was dead , had a daughter named Yi(伊). She was very attracting, especially in beautiful clothes. Yi (熠)loved her very much. However, she neither knew it nor loved him. One day, Yi (熠)sent a beautiful garment to her as a present. But she discarded it and put her own clothes on. Yi(熠) felt very unhappy.

  Yi (伊)moved to Yi(邑) later. One day she was playing under a tree while some people were playing chess. She liked it and played with a person named Yi(毅). Yi(毅)was very handsome and was good at playing chess. He dressed well and talked smartly. Yi (毅)showed her how to play chess well. Yi(伊) admired him very much and loved him. So did he.

  The next day, Yi (伊)came to the tree and played with Yi(毅) again. When they parted, Yi (毅)sent Yi (伊)a puppy lizard and Yi(伊) sent Yi(毅)a clothes.

  Later, Yi (伊)was sick. She called Yi's(毅) name in coma and talked wildly. Yi (毅)was very sad and cried a lot.

  Yi (毅)went to Yi's(熠) and told him everything about Yi(伊). He asked him to go to save her. Yi(熠) worried about her at first but brought forward one term when he thought of her coldness. He promised to save her as long as Yi (毅)could leave her and never see her again. Yi (毅)thought that only Yi (熠)could save her. So he accepted his term and left the place Yi(邑).

  Yi (熠)came to Yi(邑). He found something wrong with Yi's(伊) pancreas and fed her the medicine made of ants. Yi (伊)started to excrete after taking the medicine. She had her consciousness again and recovered soon after taking Yi's (熠)medicine made of the seed of job's tears.

  Yi (伊)missed Yi (毅)very much. She called his name even in her dream. Yi (伊)asked Yi (熠)where Yi (毅)was. Yi (熠)told her he had left her and gone. Yi (伊)cried and didn't believe he would be so cruel. Yi(熠) hinted her that although Yi (毅)had left Yi (熠)was still beside her. Yi(伊) took her own life when she thought she could never see Yi(毅)again.

  Yi (熠)went insane soon and committed suicide.

tderz: , thanks for formatting ! :-)

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