Double Atari

  Difficulty: Introductory   Keywords: Tactics

Chinese: 双吃 (shuang1 chi1); 双打 (shuang1 da3); 双打吃 (shuang1 da3 chi1); 双叫吃 (shuang1 jiao4 chi1)
Japanese: 両アタリ (ryōatari)
Korean: (dansol)

A double atari is a play that simultaneously puts two groups of stones into atari, i.e., it reduces the two groups to one liberty each. This is a special case of a double threat.

Simplest example of a double atari  

Double atari  

W1 is a double atari. It reduces each of the marked black chains to one liberty. Black can only save one of his marked groups.

Failure to see a double atari can be very costly in games.

See it coming

See the double atari coming! Get stronger overnight!

Flaky wall  

Here white+circle is too close; at a would be safer. But can you see the double atari yet?

Continuation (i)  

Can White hold it together while giving up just one stone?

Continuation (ii)  

Depends. Ready for a ko fight?

After B9 White will collapse, unless the ko fight can be won.

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