Fighting spirit

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  Difficulty: Introductory   Keywords: Go term

Fighting spirit can apply to your attitude as a player or be attributed to a particular move.

The Japanese term for it is kiai.

  • Player: "I lost my fighting spirit there"
  • Teacher: "You should develop more fighting spirit"
  • Commentator: "This move shows fighting spirit"

In general playing elsewhere shows fighting spirit, as it is the opposite of following the opponent around. When answering locally, a move shows fighting spirit if it leads to a fight or if it doesn't follow basic technique and so avoids being forced. Another example would be to immediately follow up on a threat your opponent ignores. After all, if it was not worth following up on, why did you make it in the first place? You may lose the game, but it shows fighting spirit.

See also kiai, which has board examples

Patrick Traill: I see that this page was created in 2002 by Charles Matthews as an alias for Kiai and stayed like that until 27 April 2018 when Dieter replace it with the above material; at the same time he also removed the suggestion of carrying out an ignored threat from Kiai. I wonder why he made these changes: this material seems to me to make more sense as part of that page, perhaps in an early section called Elementary summary, with the ignored threat in discussion. Alternatively he could put it among his interesting sub-pages.

Paths: <= Fight =>   ·   <= Mentality Path =>   ·   <= Skills =>
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