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Chinese 1: 交点 (jiāodiǎn); 交叉点 (jiāochādiǎn)
Chinese 2: 点 (diǎn);
Chinese 3: 空间 (kōng jiān)
Japanese 1: (交)点 ((kō)ten)
Japanese 2: 目 (moku)
Japanese 3: 間 (ken)
Korean 1: 점
Korean 2: 눈 (nun)

瞄着对方棋形的缺陷或要害位置下一子叫做"点"。可用于破坏对方眼位,攻击对方薄弱地方。 Point is used in go in several related ways, to indicate:

  1. the intersection of two lines on the go board where stones are played. Certain points on the board are marked by small dots; these are the star points.
  2. the points in a territory, measured by the number of empty points it contains, as well as the score at the end of the game and the winning margin.
  3. the number of spaces between stones, seen in terms such as one-point jump and three-space extension.

Oriental languages distinguish between the three usages:

meaning                          Chinese                       Japanese                   Korean
board point               交点 (jiao1 dian3),
                          交叉点 (jiao1 cha1 dian3)             点 (ten)                     점
point of territory        点 (dian3)                           目 (moku)                 눈 (nun)
spaces between stones     空间 (kōng jiān)                      間 (ken)                    간격

See also coordinates and /Discussion.

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