Gorensei fuseki

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Chinese: 五连星 (wu3 lian2 xing1)
Japanese: 五連星 (go ren sei)
Korean: -

Gorensei fuseki  

Black B1, B3, B5, B7, B9 is the gorensei fuseki. It is evolved from the yonrensei fuseki.

In this example, since Black and White have occupied all the star points, this opening is an example of all stars opening.

unkx80: Mr. Yang Jinhua (6p) once made a comment on the gorensei for the weaker players. This comment also examplified his solid style of play.

Comment for weaker players  

Mr. Yang says that when B1 is played directly on the tengen, W2 is sure to invade (W2 may also be at a), otherwise Black's framework is too large. Players who are weaker in attacking might find that in the process of attacking W2, White will settle in the bottom right sector of the board and the B1 stone might become misplaced.

Comment for weaker players  

Therefore, Mr. Yang recommends that Black play the corner enclosure at B1 to solidify the position. Then if W2 also makes a corner enclosure, then B3 is now ideal, since White now has no good invasion point in the bottom right part of the board.

Comment for weaker players  

On the other hand, if W2 occupies the center point, then B3 (or a) will invade. Assuming that White is also a weak attacker, then the W2 stone may end up misplaced. Note that B1 has made the lower right corner more solid and so it is not so easy for White to find an appopriate invasion point there.

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