Very large knight's move

  Difficulty: Intermediate   Keywords: Go term

Chinese: 超大飞 (chao1 da4 fei1)
Japanese: 大大ゲイマ (daidai-geima or ōō-geima)
Korean: -

Very large knight's move  

A variety of knight's move which goes even one line further than the large knight's move. Such a move trades greater speed and reach for more vulnerability.

Very large knight's move extension  

The very large knight's move is often a good extension along the side (J: dai-dai-geima-biraki) for more information, see Three-space extension and Three-space extension invasions.

Very large knight's move approach  

The very large knight's move may also be used to approach a corner stone very loosely (J: dai-dai-geima-gakari).

A knight's move with four lines between the two stones would be called in Japanese: makadaidai or in Kanji, 摩訶大大 (Source: [ext]

It is not a go term though. Its use in shogi is due only to the fact that the people inventing the large variants were Buddhist priests. Maka is Sanskrit maha = big.

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