Difficulty: Advanced   Keywords: Shape, Go term

Chinese: 反打 (fan3 da3)
Japanese: アテ返し (ate-kaeshi)
Korean: -


W2 is counter-atari, responding to the atari of B1 by giving atari back. This is often a better alternative than the heavy connection at a.


B1 naturally captures, after which W2 (or a, depending on the overall position) gives atari. B3 then connects.

Huge ko  

Instead of connecting, B3 here starts a huge ko fight, potentially a game-deciding ko. White will likely ignore any ko threat and resolve the ko with W6.

Farmer's hat  

For White to instead connect with W1 here is the farmer's hat, an empty triangle of a very heavy kind. This is rarely a good play.

Later possibilities  

Black will have a pincer stone at one of the points a to f. With a close pincer (a or b) White now usually connects solidly at p, with the aim of extending to the marked point. With the more distant pincers d and e White makes the trumpet connection at q for better shape (the other two pincers are rare in this pattern).

Charles Matthews

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