CJK Box Template

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Chinese 1: {{{cn}}}
Chinese 2: {{{cn2}}}
<else> Chinese: {{{cn}}}
</if></if><if cn3> Chinese 3: {{{cn3}}}
</if><if cn4> Chinese 4: {{{cn4}}}
</if><if ja><if ja2> Japanese 1: {{{ja}}}
Japanese 2: {{{ja2}}}
<else> Japanese: {{{ja}}}
</if></if><if ja3> Japanese 3: {{{ja3}}}
</if><if ja4> Japanese 4: {{{ja4}}}
</if><if kr><if kr2> Korean 1: {{{kr}}}
Korean 2: {{{kr2}}}
<else> Korean: {{{kr}}}
</if></if><if kr3> Korean 3: {{{kr3}}}
</if><if kr4> Korean 4: {{{kr4}}}

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This template allows you to easily put a CJK Box (Chinese, Japanese, Korean translation box) on pages. Pages that use this template will show up at CJK Translations.

Basic Usage

Basic usage is when there is only a single translation for a term

Chinese: Chinese Translation
Japanese: Japanese Translation
Korean: Korean Translation

{{CJK Box
|cn=Chinese Translation
|ja=Japanese Translation
|kr=Korean Translation

results in the box to the right:

If you do not know the translation in a certain language, please use a single dash (-) instead. Doing that will cause the page to show up on the CJK Translation Missing page, and allows other editors to provide the translation.

Chinese: 中文版 - Zhōngwn bǎn; 汉语 - Hn yǔ; 普通话 - pǔtōnghu
Japanese: 日本語 - にほんご
Korean: 한국의

Advanced Usage

When a term has multiple translations, you can use the additional cn2, cn3, cn4, ja2, ja3, ja4, and kr2, kr3, kr4 parameters, like this:

Chinese 1: Chinese Translation 1
Chinese 2: Chinese Translation 2
Chinese 3: Chinese Translation 3
Chinese 4: Chinese Translation 4
Japanese 1: Japanese Translation 1
Japanese 2: Japanese Translation 2
Japanese 3: Japanese Translation 3
Japanese 4: Japanese Translation 4
Korean 1: Korean Translation 1
Korean 2: Korean Translation 2
Korean 3: Korean Translation 3
Korean 4: Korean Translation 4

{{CJK Box
|cn=Chinese Translation 1
|cn2=Chinese Translation 2
|cn3=Chinese Translation 3
|cn4=Chinese Translation 4
|ja=Japanese Translation 1
|ja2=Japanese Translation 2
|ja3=Japanese Translation 3
|ja4=Japanese Translation 4
|kr=Korean Translation 1
|kr2=Korean Translation 2
|kr3=Korean Translation 3
|kr4=Korean Translation 4
results in the box to the right:

Example: Atari

Chinese 1: 打吃 (da3 chi1)
Chinese 2: 叫吃 (jiao4 chi1)
Japanese 1: 当たり (atari)
Japanese 2: 当て (ate)
Korean: 단수 (tansu)

{{CJK Box
|ja=当たり (atari)
|ja2=当て (ate)
|cn=打吃 (da3 chi1)
|cn2=叫吃 (jiao4 chi1)
|kr=단수 (tansu)

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